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SheShreds Q&A - Ambassador Melissa Benjamin

by Bold Apps on February 02, 2018

Longtime ambassador Melissa Benjamin has been an amazing addition to our crew, helping out with everything from photography to events.  We're stoked to have her involved in this year's SheShreds Jamboree, acting as a judge for the skiing portion of the events! 

Tell us about how you became a SheShreds Ambassador. 
In 2014, I went to MT. Hood and had been following SheShreds for a couple of months. One night in my car I decided to reach out and see how I could get involved and spread the message in OR. I quickly received a response from Gina, and next thing you know I became an ambassador! 


How did you get into skiing?  
Hard to say, I was a lucky child, and my dad started all his kids skiing around the age of 2. It was always a part of my childhood. I didn’t ever want to be doing anything else with my winters. I was probably 15 years old when I really started focusing on improving and eventually getting into park and now I am touring! It’s an ever evolving sport for me and I love it.

What inspired you to make the transition into doing more park and freeskiing?
Well honestly, I watched a bunch of pro skiers and I loved how you could really develop an amazing style. Most of who I watched were guys and I figured, why can’t I give it a go. With a little help from my brothers, and my boyfriend, I had the courage to transition. 


What’s your ski setup this year?
When you love the sport as much as I do, you begin to grow your quiver. I’ve got 3 skis I’m on right now. One, the Coaltion SOS for my everyday ski and park ski, Rossignol Super 7’s for my deep snow ski, and Volkl 9 eights for my tech/touring set up. 


What do you like to do when you’re not on the mountain? 
Honestly, If I can’t be skiing, I’m probably out enjoying the outdoors. Hiking with my pup, fly fishing with my boyfriend, playing around with my camera, or just out on a new adventure. There’s always fun to be had. 

Tell us about what you’ll be helping out with at the SheShreds Jamboree?  Are you excited to meet and shred with some new skiers? 
I will be judging the ski portion for all levels at the SheShreds Jamboree. I am so stoked to meet some of the raddest ladies in the area. I’ve seen some of these girls throw down at previous comps and rail jams so I can’t wait to see what they bring to the mountain this time. 


You've also been doing some photography work for SheShreds - tell us about that.
Well, although I do love photography I don’t think I will take up photography full time. It will definitely be something I want to do my whole life to compliment my lifestyle (skiing, fly fishing, etc), however, it’s not what I want to do as a career. 


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by Alex S on March 13, 2018

That’s awesome Melissa rocks a pair of Coalition Skis for her everyday ski. Our Brand Ambassador is going to demo a snowboard next weekend at Homewood.


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