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SheShreds Ambassadors Send Love to their Mothers - Part 2

by Kelly Vance on May 14, 2017

When we asked our ambassadors to help us celebrate Mother's Day with some stories about how their moms inspired them, we were moved and wowed by the response!  Don't forget to read Part 1, too!

Check out the stories here: 


This is a picture of my mom and I in Flagstaff!
My mom is my best friend and always supports me. She pushes me to try my best and succeed in whatever I try. My mom inspires me to try new things and look on the bright side of life. My mom is a huge influence in my life and I am proud to call her my mom!

- Kai Roshto

I couldn't be more thankful for my stepmom. She took me in and excepted me as her own daughter when she didn't need to. She started my love for snowboarding when she let me use her old board. Which I then later feel in love with. She has drop so many things to take me to the slopes and inspires me every day. She motivates me and pushes me to be the best I can be, because she knows I'm capable of more than what I settle for. My mom is not only my mom, she is my best friend. I love her more than she will ever know and I thank you for her pushing me daily to continue perusing in snowboarding and continue to challenge myself.

- Jada Johannes

My mom motivated me to start skiing, taught me to tele, and got me back country skiing, mountain biking, trail running. Not only that, but I continue to be motivated by my grandmother, who rocks a metallic red onsie, and still skis on two artificial knees, hip, 3 heart valve replacements and legally blind. The women in my family are fearless, strong, kind, and compassionate to boot. Needless to say, I have some big shoes to fill. Happy Mother's Day!!

- Madeline Mango


I love my mom! She pushes me to do my best and she always supports me no matter what. My mom and I are always together, I love spending time with her. My mom always wake boards and snowboards 🏂 with me. We always have fun together no matter what we are doing. She is my BEST friend and I don't know what I would do without her. My mom takes me, piano, practices, my friend's houses and she never complains about it. I am thankful to have my mom in my life. I LOVE YOU!

- Grace Will

My mother has been the biggest influence and motivation in my life. She has inspired me from when I was young to be what I wanted to be. She encouraged me through school, graduating with a Bachelors degree and now with a Doctoral degree (pictures included). My moms been there every step even when I wanted to quit. She's supported all my dreams and sports despite not liking many of them (too dangerous). She even drove 4 hours from Dallas to Houston to watch and cheer on my last Roller Derby game when I retired. Love my mom so much!

- Colleen Daugherty

If there is one definitive reason behind my love of the outdoors, it’s my mama. As toddlers, she would take my sisters and me to the lake every weekend. We would swim, play on the beach, and wave to her as she windsurfed out on the water. As we grew older, she always encouraged us to be adventurous. Even when we were afraid, she was right there cheering us on and making sure we knew everything would be okay. At eight years old, we were learning how to wakeboard and I remember being scared. My mom jumped right into that water and stayed there with me until I was ready. I remember her encouragement, those words reminding me that I could do this. I gave the boat a thumbs up and they hit the gas. The engine roared, the ski rope tightened, and I popped right out of the water on my very first try. Even above the noise, I could hear her cheering me on as she swam to the shore. She has always encouraged us to try new things, especially when it came to the outdoors. When I reached high school and started skiing and rock climbing, I knew I had truly found my passion for the outdoors. I found that same feeling that my mom had always described. She has always been one to push her limits and never let anything hold her back. In November of 2012, she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and had to go through radiation and chemotherapy. Never once did she let that hold her back or bring her down. Our family has a Christmas Day tradition of going skiing together, and even though she was going through chemo, my mom was right there with us that year. Not to mention all the years since. She has always told her children that we can achieve whatever we set our minds to. Not only does she always reinforce this through her positive spirit, but also by living it every day. She’s always moving, always challenging herself, and living her life to the fullest every moment. No one could ask for a better mother, best friend, and role model.

- Sammy Olsen

My “mom” is not my mom. Gracie stepped into my life to play the role that I always wished my biological mother would play, but just wasn’t capable of. When I met her at the age of 10, Gracie decided she would be my support, my cheerleader, my voice of reason when I need it. It is because of her that I developed the self-confidence and strength of character to go after what I wanted despite roadblocks in my way. She helped me remove those barriers and taught me that life is about doing what you are passionate about, learning every day and loving fiercely and generously. She is why I get to ski and do Pilates for a living, and I’m grateful for her every day.

- Diane McFerran

My mom isn't much into sports (although she kills it on the ski slopes when I can get her to come with!), but one thing is certain, I am definitely her daughter. We used to go for drives or go hiking and I remember thinking how cheesy my mom was because she would practically tear up at the beautiful sights found in nature. Now it doesn't seem so crazy. She instilled in me my love for nature which is easily one of the biggest reasons I love skiing, climbing, backpacking, etc. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me the value of the great outdoors, for paying for countless ski passes, and for being convinced I can conquer anything I put my mind to!

- Allie Huish

I can say so much about her, but she's always been there when I have a crazy idea (buying a quad and then a sled out of no where) she even came with me when I snow checked my Freeride lol She encourages me to do what I want to do and dream huge! She's not into action sports, but I do love that she tried 4wheelin while on vacation and she even has her own ATV now and she and my dad snowmobiled back in the day as well. She'll usually try anything once and i know that's where I got my drive to try these sports that have become my life! Love you huge Mom!!

- Courtney Bamford

I know this is supposed to be about how my mom supports and motivates me but I think that it has been a lot of both. Lately my mom has being going through a very hard time trying to remove a toxic person from her life which she finally did last night after a year of cruel head games. So yesterday I found myself telling her it would be okay and things would get better, saying the things she would have said to me. After my parents divorce my brother and I still find ourselves angry and confused about our new life. It's been 5 years of adjusting to our new life, longing for the one we once had because it still seems so much better than the one we have now. Through all of this I have found that my mom and I have grown so much closer, we support each other through everything and will be straight up if the other is making a bad choice. My mom has always been there for me and even more now post divorce and will never be able to express in words how truly thankful I am for her in my life. And I guess from all her love and support over these years she's really taught me how to comfort and support other people in my life, to love people and show them true kindness. Of course she motivates me to snowboard my heart out, and wants to come with me and see it in person. But I think that what she does to motivate me and support me in all these sports is when she comes with me, when we go to the mountains for ski trip or when we go for long long hikes and climb to the top of a mountain with each other. In those moments I feel true motivation and support because she's right by my side doing it with me.

- Katlyn Krebs


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