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September 2017 Ambassador of the Month: Joanna Brashear-Phillips

by Kelly Vance on September 09, 2017

With this month's Ambassador of the Month nominations, we decided to honor all of the moms in our crew.  From moms who are ambassadors themselves, and still actively compete and participate in their sports, to moms who are just there to support their mini-shredder ambassadors, these ladies are often some of the most inspiring on our crew.  And they post the cutest photos. 

This month's winner, Joanna Brashear-Phillips plays a key role at SheShreds both as an ambassador, and behind the scenes working in marketing for SheShreds.  We love her warm and kind personality, and, as a mother, we love to see how much heart she puts into passing her passions for action sports down to her young son, CJ.   Congrats Jo!!

Thank you all, you are just amazing and I love to be part of this community!  I voted for Joanna, she works so hard for us and is also an amazing mama!!
- Christelle Rodas

Joanna hands down. She works her butt off for this company while balancing being a rad mom. I love all of her awesome postsof her and her kids. Much love Jo.
- Megan Benson

Had to vote for both Joanna and Christelle. Jo has been a huge help in the company and always inspiring. She also is a rad mama always taking care of her boy and overcoming all obstacles thrown her way. Christelle is also very very inspiring by taking her girls everywhere and teaching them to love and live life to the fullest. I love seeing all her pictures and hope I can be that kind of mom one day.
- Grace Hiljus

My vote is for Joanna cause she works so hard to help us out! And she is just amazing!
- Alex McWhorter





And as always, a big shout out to all of our amazing nominees for Ambassador of the Month! 

My vote is for all the moms!  Let's face it being a mom is probably the most difficult task we willingly choose to face. I can smash my face into a handrail and laugh about it, but when I sent my daughter to kindergarten for the first time I cried my head off!
- Abigail Berg


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Christelle Melin Rodas for her constant dedication to showing her girls how to be RAD and getting them out there!! Her girls are so happy and just LOVING every minute of it and that's a true testament to the type of mama she is! 
- Megan Brown

Valerie Saguid i love seeing how she bring her girls to experience life on the water. Teaching them to seek adventure and live life!
- Laura Holm

I love seeing all the adventures Christelle Melin Rodas takes her children on. They have been snowboarding, surfing, to France. They are so lucky to have her as a mom. A lot of moms are scared to have their children participate extreme sports and try something dangerous but her girls do it all 🙂 she is definitely a great role model and true to thesheshreds mission statement!!
- Kelly Hanks

My vote is for Marnie Millington! She's so great with her boys and such a valued ambassador of the whole crew! Her jewellery is also AMAZING! and I'm so jealous every time I see her come out with a new peice! Love seeing pictures and videos of her skating and she's always so happy! So that's why she's got my vote
- Hannah Cass


Abigail Berg is the most awesome!!!!
- Billie Merrill




My vote is for Marnie Millington she does such an amazing job with the UK girls and she has helped me with maybe organizing a meet up she is so inspiring and she shreds hard!!!! Looking forward to meeting her at the meet up at Box end !! She is defo putting the she shreds name out there !!
- Emily Reid

Christelle Melin Rodas makes me want to have children! She takes the time to teach her girls how to be kind, rad, perceptive and themselves! She shows her girls that they can accomplish anything. Yes she posts all the cutest happy moments, but also keeps it real as life is not perfect, but it will all work out! Also she's so sweet!
- Marina Sanchez


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Abigail Berg -- She is everything I aspire to be as a mother! Archery. Woodworking. Gardening. Shred. She nails it all!
- Rachel Bailo




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