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Roller Skating is back and better than ever!

by Erika Vikander on May 25, 2017

Roller Skating is back and even more extreme than the first time around. We have numerous ambassadors who are leading the charge in re-igniting the fire on wheels. Woodward West just hosted a Moxi skate camp and ambassadors Danica Tempero,  Lauren Dillard, and Ashley Earp were there in full force. I asked them about their experience at camp and this is what the girls had to say:

SS: What got you started in roller skating?

DT: I started trail skating to get some excercise! 

LD: I started skating 10 months ago at my local skatepark. A couple of my friends and the derby girls started to go and they inspired me to give it a shot.

AE: As a kid, I did Artistic Roller Skating. I took a few years off, then started playing roller derby. I started skating more ramps and bowls, as well as on the street when I became part of the Moxi Skate Team. 

SS: Were you surprised how many people came to camp?

DT: I wasn't surprised at how many people came. Aggressive quad skating is a growing sport and there are a lot of people doing it now. It's becoming more and more popular, all over the world!

LD: Yes very surprised. This was my first time going and last year was the first time Moxi ever hosted a roller skate camp at Woodward West.

AE: It was incredible! I was expecting a lot, but experiencing that many skaters all at one park was indescribable and amazing! 

SS: Why/How did you get into rollerskating?

DT: I started rollerskating to get excercise, but once I felt the rush of dropping into a bowl, I knew I was hooked on ramp skating! 

LD: I skated when I was younger but never had enough money to buy nice roller skates. 10 months ago I was inspired by my friends and all of the Moxi skate team to start skating again.

AE: My mom got me a pair of roller skates with metal wheels from the thrift store! I went to one skate class and even as a kid felt more comfortable on skates than my own two feet. The rest is history! 

SheShreds Tip: Interested in trying Roller Skating?  Make sure you grab good quality protective gear, including a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards!

SS: Will you go back to camp?

DT: I will most definitely go back to camp! 

LD: YES !!

AE: ABSOLUTELY! It is always a pleasure to spend time with the other members of the Moxi Skate Team, and I was so inspired by all the skaters who attended as campers! The added bonus was meeting Lauren and Danica from She Shreds! They are such talented skaters. 

SS: What was unique about the woodward west/moxi experience?

DT: Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. I have never experienced anything like it!

LD: The most unique part about the Moxi roller skate camp was meeting all of the Moxi skate team, and to take classes with each of them.

AE: Woodward West is one of the best training facilities in the world. It was an honor just to be able to skate there. The thing I love most about Moxi is that there are all levels of skaters, with different backgrounds and skill sets. The main thing we promote as a team is a happy life on wheels--no matter what that looks like. It is also unique to be surrounded by SO many women. There are a few supremely talented men on the team/at camp, but I love that there were around 150 roller-skating women who pushed themselves all weekend.

SS: Where do you see the sport headed? 

DT: I see aggressive quad skating growing tremendously!! With persistence, progression comes quickly! Especially with rollerskating. 

LD: Roller skating will never die. I see roller skating continuing to grow.

AE: This sport is going to continue growing! It has gained so much momentum through Moxi and Chicks in Bowls. People are constantly coming up with new and creative tricks and skills on skates. And there were kids at camp! Seeing their skills at such a young age was so inspiring--they are going to take this sport to all new levels! 





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by Helen on June 06, 2017

I love roller skating, and play on a roller derby team, so it made my day to see this on here :) More please!


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