Red Bull Crashed Ice and the Art of Self Motivation

May 24, 2017

Red Bull Crashed Ice and the Art of Self Motivation

Gold Ambassador Myriam Trepanier has been shattering the standards of the Red Bull Crashed Ice series. Not familiar? Think boardercross on ice. Four athletes race shoulder to shoulder down an icy slope consisting of banks, hairpin turns, gaps, and drops Recently, she let us in on what drives her and the art of self motivation. We are so proud of her efforts and can't wait to see her continue to excel in her sport. In Myriams' words:

Winter is over. Ice has melted. The 2016/2017 season of Red Bull Crashed Ice has come to an end and the champions have been crowned. After a well-deserved break and a thorough look back on my racing season, I find myself satisfied with my results, yet wanting more.

I don’t think I know anyone who likes practice and physical preparation more than the actual competing itself. Yet, most everyone knows that practice and training will make you a better competitor. The art of self-motivation is an ever challenging one, especially with younger athletes. I feel very fortunate to have learned how to self-motivate to train at a young age. Teammates, good coaches and parents are certainly helpful in putting things in perspective and provide an outlook, but not everyone has the luxury to have a supportive parental unit or a coach to guide them through the maze of athletic competition and preparation.

Today, as an adult competing in an individual and unique sport, I find myself in a tougher spot that I had ever been in as an athlete: I am on my own. I don’t have teammates relying on my performance, I don’t have a coach pushing me every day to get better, and I don’t have parents spending an enormous amount of money and time supporting my athletic endeavors. I’ve always played team sports and this individual sport thing is challenging. I must work harder mentally to find that self-motivation to train every day and find creative ways to improve my skills.

Last year’s off-season training plan was good, but not great. I’m trying new things this year and setting new training goals and objectives. I’m surrounding myself with people who are better than me. I need to self-motivate more than I ever have before while also navigating the challenges of maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance. Having a routine and a plan in place has always been important to me and has produced great results. I think it will be even more crucial this off-season.

There is no one depending on me other than myself…and that can either be the greatest or worst motivator I’ve ever had…

Countdown to the 2017/2018 season: ~ 200 days

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