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October 2018 Ambassador of the Month - Hannah Mennega

by Kelly Vance on October 03, 2018

Sometimes it's one simple thing that an ambassador does that makes her really catch our attention, and earns her the title of Ambassador of the Month.  Ambassador Hannah Mennega, although new to our crew, did something for another ambassador that really embodies our brand core values, and we want to celebrate that!

Congrats to our October Ambassador of the Month, Hanna Mennega!!

The story: 

"So grateful for ambassador Hannah Mennega right here!  After my 10-year-old daughter took a bad fall her first time ever trying wakeboarding two years ago at Orlando Wake Park, it's been a hard sell to convince her to try again... until today.  Because of Hannah's eagerness to meet us, even on her day off, and coaching and encouragement, Mazie had so much fun.  Now she wants to sign up next summer to go to wakeboard camp!" - Ambassador Colleen Warner


Hannah's simple act of spreading the stoke is a big part of what we're about, and we wanted to recognize that.  We thank all of the girls on our crew who go the extra mile, come in on their day off, or simply take a minute to introduce themselves to someone new to their sport who may be feeling nervous or scared.  Do you know a girl like Hannah in your sport?  Comment and share your story! 

Get to know Hannah:  


Hannah is also active in her local community as the leader of her chapter of Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ, as well as her business Venture Action Sports.  Here's a little more about it from her: 

I started Venture Action Sports to provide students the opportunity to discover and experience the different action sports venues and options in our area. Through this business, I teach an Intro to Action Sports class where highschool students are introduced to Cable Wakeboarding, Skateboarding, Parkour, Snowboarding, Rock Climbing and Backpacking all within 30 minutes of Grand Rapids, MI. I started this business because I absolutely love action sports. I am happiest when I am outside preferably on a board, or upside-down. (or both :)) I want kids to be able to experience that same kind of wild freedom and adventure that I love so much. Sharing the stoke of action sports is a great platform for providing students with experiential, hands on learning opportunities and for connecting and investing in their lives.

Being a female in action sports gives me unique voice. It is not unusual for me to be the only girl at the skatepark/wakepark/ terrain park etc so naturally I stand out a little bit People often notice me and how I ride, but also who I am as a person. Being one of the few girls around gives me the opportunity to set the tone for what a girl in action sports can be. It allows me set the example that you can celebrate and embrace your femininity while still riding as hard as the guys. I also absolutely love coaching and getting others (especially kids) stoked on shredding. There's nothing like being able to witness someone unashamedly claim, fist in the air, after they stomp their first wakeboard invert or try a box for the first time on a snowboard. At the end of the day, I'm just a girl head-over-heels in love with board sports, and believe I am called to use that passion to invest in the lives and hearts of other people.


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