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November 2018 Ambassador of the Month: Kyla Hendricks

by Kelly Vance on November 01, 2018
As season edits and highlight clips from the summer begin to circulate each fall, we at SheShreds eagerly await each athlete's videos.  Through the camera lens, we are transported to the boat, trail, or skatepark to see the passion, progression, and hard work that our ambassadors put put into their favorite sports. 

13-year-old Kyla Hendricks is one of the athletes that we've had the honor to watch grow up and grow into an amazing athlete.  She started with us as a 9-year-old little shredder with an infectious smile and a great attitude, and we've only seen that grow - along with her skill level in her sports, especially in Wakeboarding.  Her latest season edit was very impressive and inspired us to give her this award and well-deserved recognition.
"Kyla was one of our very first ambassadors five years ago when we started SheShreds. It's been incredible to watch her progress, challenger herself and grow into such a strong athlete and an amazing young lady."
- Founder Gina Duffy

Congrats to Kyla, our November Ambassador of the Month!!

Kyla excelled in competition this year, taking home two national titles.
On top of the podium in her other competition series at Fort Fremont Marine.
Kyla's tricks go far beyond your average 13-year-old skill level.

Watch for Kyla in our most recent Summer Edit, or watch her own 2018 Season Edit! 




Keep an eye out this winter too, Kyla kills it at snowboarding as well!  Follow Kyla.


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