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November 2017 Ambassador of the Month Alex McWhorter

by Bold Apps on November 07, 2017

In the spirit of the season, November's ambassador of the month nomination is focused on ambassadors who give back.  From volunteering at food banks to helping disabled people learn to ride, to teaching abroad and fundraising for nonprofits, our ambassadors have warmed our hearts time and time again with their generosity towards those in need. 

One ambassador in particular stood out recently: in the aftermath of Hurricaine Harvey, Alex McWhorter was inspired to help out!  She fundraised, gathered donations, and personally delivered a huge load of supplies to the victims of the disaster, even though flooding and road closures were still in effect. 

Congrats to our November 2017 Ambassador of the Month, Alex McWhorter!

Here is what some of our ambassdors had to say about Alex:

I voted for Alex McWhorter because she went out of her way to help those in need after Harvey hit. Also, thank you so much for nominating me and for all the sweet comments. I love sharing the stoke!
- Piper Harris
Alex McWhorter has been working her butt off! She has put herself out there to help other people.
- Marina Sanchez

This was a super tough decision, and we also wanted to make sure to give props to some of the other ambassadors who work hard to help out!


A post shared by Piper (@shreddergirl123) on

Piper Harris has dedicated a lot of time and hard work this summer with the Adaptive Waterski Foundation. Alex McWhorter said, " She has been working hard this year giving back in many different ways! And this is not her first year. This year she focused more on that than her own riding and contest and I respect that a ton!"
Erin Witherspoon works at a nonprofit that recently raised over 23,000 for local community organizations fighting homelessness, hunger and more!  She wanted to share the fundraiser she's currently working on, which benefits homeless veterans and female veterans.  If you're in or around New Jersey, check out Pints for a Purpose! 
Anna Balch has been volunteering and working with Project Favela, teaching children in Brazil. 

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Inka Salmirinne is an ambassador for Protect Our Winters Finland, and works hard to find ways to combat climate change. 
Angelica Espinoza was nominated for her dedication to helping the homeless by volunteering at her local homeless shelter. 

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