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Motivational Mondays - Attitude

by Kelly Vance on December 26, 2016

by Ambassador Jada Johannes

with Erin Eblen

We all have our ups, our downs, mood swings, and freak outs. The difference between staying positive and getting back up again, and falling down and letting yourself slide into doubt is the right attitude. Attitude is on the very small list of things a person can control. We can't control all of what happens to us, but we can control how we let things affect us and how we react to situations. When you handle a situation right. life can be a lot less stressful, with so much more potential & opportunities.

Ambassador Erin Eblen (snowboarder & wakeboarder) has had to keep the right attitude in order to compete at nationals and keep on achieving. Erin says she keeps herself positive by surrounding herself by supportive people. She also says her attitude reflects her everyday performance inside and outside of sports and it’s good always to keep it positive. Erin would like every girl reading this to know that just because you’re a girl doesn't mean you can’t achieve great things. Don’t let someone else's doubt affect what you can do and your attitude.

Quick tips:

  1. Surround yourself with positive people and their attitude will most  certainly affect yours and keep you in a healthy mindset.

  2. Believe in yourself and your own abilities, out of everyone in your life you’re the one that decides what you’re capable of.

Quote; “Kindness over hate is the right step to take” - Burton


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