May 2018 Ambassador of the Month - Rachel Wester

May 25, 2018

May 2018 Ambassador of the Month - Rachel Wester

INGENUITY, to us is such an important quality in overcoming challenges, facing obstacles and succeeding - in sports, in business, and in life.  This month we'd like to highlight an ambassador who has really put time, effort and thought into an idea that she had, taking it to a level where it has made a difference in the lives of many. 

RACHEL WESTER started with us as an ambassador representing the sports of motocross and mountain biking, but she has become a core part of our community, and we want to give her a shout out for the efforts and hard work that we have all noticed!  

Not too long after joining our crew, Rachel identified a need among our ambassadors - she noticed that there were many questions about fitness, and posts about staying motivated to work out, staying inspired, and staying in shape for our favorite sports.   She has created a group within our greater community where ambassadors are encouraged to set and achieve goals, stay fit and healthy, and where they can find out information about fitness strategies that might work for their individual sports.  We want to thank her for her INGENUITY, and for taking the time and effort to help all of us be more healthy!  

More about Rachel can be found here.

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