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May 2017 Ambassador of the Month: Kaeleigh Cook

by Kelly Vance on May 02, 2017

This May, we decided to feature our youngest ambassadors in a grom focused Ambassador of the Month award.  Of course, this made our decision even harder because these young girls are all killing it! But in the end, we had to pick just one: 

Congrats to May 2017 Ambassador of the Month Kaeleigh Cook!!

I love seeing these amazing young ladies out shredding! I wish I had started out at their age. Kaeleigh has an awesome attitude. She's spent a crazy amount of time out on the mountain and it's no problem to see she loves spreading the stoke and love (of the sport AND of SheShreds) with any girl she sees on the mountain. Her family stays so involved in SheShreds (despite living outside the US which I know can make things a bit more challenging). Kaeleigh has done a lot of competing this year, finding herself on the podium several times, but also showing that love for the sport is way more important than the podium. She is definitely going places in the world of snowboarding!

- Jennifer Tucker

All the girls are amazing, but my vote is going for Kaeleigh. Her dad Chris Cook has kept us updated on how much she has improved this year, and I remember she tried a few new things this season, like method grabs for the challenge. That's what this is about, getting better while having fun, and being fearless.

- Marcel Sanchez

I voted for Kaeleigh because she is so young and fierce. She is so friendly and kind and stinkin cute!

- Kelly  Hanks

I voted for Kaeleigh because shes been progressing a lot, she pushes herself a lot and stands out. I dont know her personally but love her attitude!

- Magdalena Gil Deza

There are so many amazing young ladies in our crew that we received an outpouring of love for so many of our grom riders.  Check out some of the other girls who were nominated: 

Stunned by all of their progression, passion and determination! We are stoked to support the next generation of rad shredder girls!

- Gina Duffy, SheShreds Founder


Excited for Monday night's rail jam! @sheshredsco #sheshredscocrew @edgetvnetwork @usasasnow

A post shared by Ella Sorensen (@ella_shred_betty) on


I would like to nominate Ella Sorensen because she is such an inspiring girl. When I met her for the first time, she wanted to take pictures with me, was so kind and treated me like we were sisters. She was so nice at comps and coached me on some tricks. She is really friendly to everyone and really good at wakesurfing and snowboarding!

- Janie Hensley



I think Kellesse is the raddest little shredder out there with amazing style and swagger.

- Jennifer Patrick

I voted for Janie Hensley because of her perseverance even when she broke her arm, she continued to compete and wakeboard! She is always smiling and having fun on the water and I think that is the most important trait to have!

- Jenna Malcolm

I voted for Maisie Subia because I'm inspired by her love for her sports at such a super young age! She recently recovered from a broken leg and even with her cast on she never stopped smiling and finding ways to practice her sport!

- Allie Huish

I always see Payton at all the SheShreds meet ups around, and always with a positive, ready attitude. Seeing her posts on social media, she is always improving and pushing herself. There's awesome character in someone who commits like she does. This girl is going places. I cant wait to see what her bright future holds. She may be a youngin' but that doesn't mean she isn't one who may inspire you the most.

- Wynter McBride

All of these groms are killing it!! I would like to nominate Janie Hensley for ambassador of the month! This rad little chick is always doing something whether it be wakesurfing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, or Skateboarding!  She was a sheshreds girl before she even became an Ambassador. Always decked out in sheshreds gear and rockin it while doing so! She also embodies the values of Fate Loves the Fearless! How many other young girls do you see surfing with broken wrist??? We love you Janie!
- Colleen Cain

A post shared by Riley✨ (@rileysnowbrdgrl) on

That amazing shot of Riley Rivera had been the stand-out image of the whole season for me. So rad!
- Rachel Powis

I voted for Ashlyn Overland because she is just so good and she is humble. She had a horrible tragedy happen to her family this year and it just appears that she is riding for her angel. She never brags about her accomplishments even though she is winning most of her events and she is so young as well! She was also a very down to earth kiddo when we met her at rose land last summer. We can't wait to ride with her again this summer!

- Kelly Hanks


A post shared by Janie (@janiepunkyparty) on


I voted for Janie Hensley for her awesome attitude! When I met her last September, she was the happiest person around! I love seeing people who are always smiling! It's super inspiring to see people not worried about the competition but having tons of fun and just loving being there!

- Ella Sorensen

I have voted for Ashlyn Overland because her smile is contagious. I have not meet Ashlyn personally but she is always smiling in photos and she wakeboards and snowboards!

- Jordan Wolfe

 I am voting for Ella Sorensen because she is a great snowboarder and was so nice and encouraging when I met her this winter!

- Grace Will

Riley Rivera is super talented. I've been watching her career for the last few years. She's always upbeat and supportive of everyone!

- Anne Goodnow


A post shared by Payton Lucas (@lucaspayto) on


I had the opportunity to ride with Payton this winter and I was very impressed with her determination and desire to improve. It was a blast getting to know her better and enjoy her company.

- Abigail Berg


A post shared by Haylie (@microhaylie) on


 I voted for Haylie Powell as she is such an amazing little skateboarder!

 - Leah Caprani



A post shared by Jordan Wolfe (@love_to_shred) on



I voted for Jordan Wolfe because she's always full of joy and is super kindhearted.  She's impressed me so much with her progression in wakeboarding over the last few years! 

- Joanna Brashear


A post shared by Shredsisters (@soda_meatball) on


I love Soda and Meatball's posts on instagram!

- Kellesse Thomas


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