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March 2017 Ambassador of the Month - Myriam Trepanier

by Kelly Vance on March 02, 2017

Congrats to ambassador Myriam Trepanier, who earned the March 2017 title of Ambassador of the Month!

This month, the Ambassador of the Month award goes to someone who has quite simply blown us away with her athletic skills.  Check her out in the St Paul, MN Stop of the Red Bull Crashed Ice - Myriam is in white and red.  

THIS WEEKEND - cheer Myriam on in the final race of the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship Series in Ottawa, Canada.  She's headed into the race ranked in 3rd place, with enough points to take home the World Championships if she has a strong finish!  We're so stoked to watch her progression, and to watch her pushing the limits of this sport.

Since we always have a tough time deciding who will be the Ambassador of the Month, this month we had our ambassadors vote, and here were some of the other nominees:

Erika Norcross - Erika was nominated for the hard work she puts into her Ladies Day events - to experience one in person, head to Copper on March 20th for Ladies Day!   Ambassador Katie Purdy says, "She deserves to be ambassador of the month because her event is a great way to show others how to plan their events and how a great turnout can be achieved! Overall Erika is a really cool girl and super friendly, I cant wait to see how her other events turn out and maybe one day I can attend! Good job Erika!"  And Noelle Sanders agrees, "In the short time she's been an ambassador she's held 2 amazing events and has another coming up recruited multiple people. She inspires me in the park and as a female in this industry/world at our age."

Erin Sands - Erin is not just an amazing flowboarder, but also a great ambassador to have helping out behind the scenes, Erin has been putting in a lot of work to help get the word out about SheShreds - her skill and passion for video editing has been an asset, and we love that she's up for any challenge.  You've seen her work in our Ladies Night recap videos, and coming up in our Winter Edit! 

Camilla Kial - Camilla has received multiple nominations from our UK crew, who all love her great attitude, encouragement, and passion for the shred!  Ambassador Hannah Cass says Camilla "definitely deserves this so much! She is the reason I joined SheShreds and the whole reason why I started longboarding! She's so kind and encouraging! I would never be at the skill level I am if it weren't for her! (plus shes super cool)."

Cate Siniscalchi - Cate was nominated for her perseverance.  Although she struggles with chronic illness, Cate is always ready to get out there and shred and follow her dreams.  We've been blown away every time we've been out wakeboarding with her by her positive attitude and ability to push through.  Read more here.

Larissa Jaclyn Gemberling - Larissa was nominated for embracing our core value of kindness, welcoming new ambassadors and coming up with some ideas of her own to make the ambassador program even better.  Sarah Pannecoucke says she nominated Larissa "because she was very welcoming to me and helped me out, and because she worked out the Idea of a yard sale with me and for designing some awesome socks and having many more design ideas in her head and she really is amazing"


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