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by Kelly Vance on July 01, 2016




We had an almost impossible decision when it came time to select our ambassador of the month.  The girls who were nominated have all embraced our core brand values and shown an incredible passion for their sports, and we're so thankful to have each and every one of them involved! 
Our winner, Amanda Vogt has been with SheShreds since she was 13 years old, and has shown a great deal of PROGRESSION in her sport over the past years, refining her incredible style and hitting bigger and more difficult features in the cable park.  Although she has a true passion and talent for wakeboarding, she was nominated for her warm heart and FRIENDSHIP that she has shown the girls in our crew.  

Ambassador Sara Malcolm:  

"Amanda is always making people smile, encouraging others and doesn't take anything too seriously! Her passion and dedication for wakeboarding is amazing and an inspiration to watch.  Plus she has mad YOYO skills, is earning her pilots license and owns her own plane at the age of 15!"

Ambassador Grace Hiljus: 

"Amanda is always making me laugh and she is so nice and welcoming. She's very dedicated and hard working in wakeboarding. She even takes time out to coach at a camp for younger kids to learn cable riding."

These ladies represent RAD, COOL, COMPASSIONATE and KIND very well.

Laura Corrigan

"She is the best partner ever and with her help we put together an amazing SheShreds UK Skate Meet Up.  She is such a huge inspiration to me daily!"  Ambassador, Jade Cator


Grace Hiljus

"She was kind enough to let me win her Instagram contest, even though I am in the UK and she had to pay extra for postage out of her own pocket. Also for sending me a lovely letter with it, wishing me a speedy recovery!"  Ambassador Jade Cator


 Calleigh Alice

"Why? Well, she has had some very low lows in her life. She had mentioned on the WhatsApp group that at a certain point in her life she was homeless and got bitten by a spider while living on the streets and it got really bad.p The last month or so she has been to many job interviews for jobs she is overqualified for and has experience in but has gotten a negative answer in all of them, why? Because our society is stupid and intolerant. She also was the ONLY girl at a long distance push event and most important she COMPLETED the track in hot weather. From all her posts I see how she's always fighting and not giving up on what she wants. She finally got a job because SHE DIDN'T GIVE UP.  In short words, she's a fighter and is an inspiration to me. I've learned from someone I've never met that when life gets tough, we need to get tougher and she surely is a pretty solid rock. Stay strong Super Girl." Ambassador Marcel Sanchez


 Marcel Sanchez

"My vote goes to Marcel Sanchez...she is super kind,cooperative and helpful when you need some advice. I think that besides being an awesome shredder, working very hard and making many sacrifices as a med student, she is just an all around good person."  Ambassador, Magda Gildez


Anna Kistner

"For being an awesome "little sister" from the "Big Sis" program. She is never shy to ask for  help or advice and I was honored when she asked me to be her official big sister! Plus, the hiking she gets up to is bada$$!"  Ambassador, Jade Cator


Jade Cator

"On top of being a complete bada$$, I think she represents SheShreds fully! Jade is always ready to help me when I have a question about longboarding or a simple ambassador question. Jade also has held two ambassador meet ups and has done some stellar snapchat takeovers! Also she is a really cool person (not sure if that is a legitimate point but I'm gonna add it 😊)."  Ambassador, Anna Kistner


Abigail Berg

"She is a kicka$$ snowboarder, wood sculptor, and mom and so much more.  Her photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook really show it. She is always doing something epic and has no fear, and she is such a kind person!!"  Ambassador, Jessica Derlis

Kira Martinez

"Kira has been so helpful with all the tips and the meet up event, even offering to help for the next ones.  So I am really appreciative!"  Ambassador, Christelle Rodas 




Natalie Graham was appreciated for her passion and willingness to share her knowledge.  "She is always so helpful, and is getting out there and shredding hard and showing her dedication."  - Jenna Malcolm.



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