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January 2017 Ambassador of the Month - Megan Brown

by Kelly Vance on January 02, 2017

Within our ambassador community, one ambassador has really made an effort over the past months to reach out and help those struggling with mental health issues.  From a Facebook Live session where she opened up her heart, to various smaller efforts, Megan Brown has shown that she excels beyond measure at our core value of COMPASSION. 


Congrats to Megan Brown, our January 2017 Ambassador of the Month!  
Read Megan's Nominations:

I'd like to nominate Megan Brown for Ambassador of month for January! She has opened her heart up to everyone in hopes of helping those struggling with anxiety and depression. It's a hard task to talk live, in front of people, but an extremely harder task to talk about the struggles you have encountered not only to people you know, but also complete strangers. As someone who suffers everyday from these mood disorders and is always looking for different ways to cope, it was such a comforting feeling to hear someone talk, who not only understands, but has lived out these dark moments. Megan is such a strong, courageous, and inspiring woman. She has given those who suffer with anxiety and depression a voice! Not just any voice, a caring and healing voice. Her Facebook live session was both inspiring and motivating. I have used key points from her live session to educate and inform my friends and co-workers who suffer from anxiety and depression as well as those who think mood disorders are not a legit illness. Megan encompasses all of the values of a Sheshreds ambassador, but most of all she has a huge heart and a ton of passion for helping others as well as progression in the sport of snowboarding! That is why I believe Megan deserves to be ambassador of the month for January!

-Colleen Cain

I nominate Megan Brown simply because she opened up her soul to the group. Takes a lot of courage to do that. She did a fantastic job. I would like to think she helped at least one person if not many who are struggling with anxiety and depression. Mental illness is a disease and we all need to be more aware of it!

- Erin Eblen

This month's decision was a super difficult one, with tons of other amazing nominations to select from for ladies that represent our core values of cool, compassionate and kind.  Read them all here:

I would like to nominate Rae Powis. She represents the name SheShreds with pride and is all about that life. She also came up with designs for some "sheshreds mountain bike/motoX gear" which turned out awesome. She posts regularly and I find myself pulled in with her skate content. Not only does she rep SheShreds like a boss, she also has her own company called "For Heaven's Skate" that is a "Roller derby and aggressive quad skate store".  She is motivated and inspiring, which is what the Ambassador of the month is all about.

- Marina Sanchez
I would like to nominate Jade Cator. She loves to shred it up on the mountain and in the streets! She reps the SheShreds apparel like a boss and is on SM regularly. She is also independent. she has started up her own company called "Cleeglass Creations" where she makes awesome Jewelry!

- Marina Sanchez
I'm nominating Jade Cator because she is just an all round amazing girl! She is awesome at all her sports (one hell of a long boarder, as I've seen up close and personal!) and she's such a lovely person! Her jewellery that she makes from recyclable sea glass is beautiful and thoughtful to the beaches! She such a great person and I'm so glad I've met her, and to have her in my life!

- Hannah Cass
I'd like to nominate my amazing housemate, Camilla Kial, to be ambassador of the month! Camilla is always giving me so much motivation to be great at all my sports! She's always there to pick me up when I fall and laugh about it with me after! She's got this fantastic mentality that keeps everyone around her positive! Even though she sometimes has down days, she'll never let that stop her from making everyone around her feel great! I know I'd definitely not be as good at snowboarding and longboarding as I am if it weren't for her! 

- Hannah Cass
I'd like to nominate Leah Caprani as she is such an awesome down to earth person who is super easy to get along with! She's an amazing skateboarder who is improving massively everyday, and all of her recent snowboarding photos have got me yearning for the slopes again (even though I only got back last week!) She's so cool and really great fun to hang out with, and that's why I think she deserves to be ambassador of the month!  - Hannah Cass
I nominate Kai Roshto, Ella Sorenson,  and Colleen Cain because they have been kind to me and my family. They showed me some more tricks and positions. 

- Janie Hensley 
I also want to nominate Melissa Benjamin for January Ambassador of the Month for helping me out and giving me some great advice for powder skis! - stacy po
I nominate Courtney BamfordEven with being injured she has remained positive and supportive. She's encouraged me to keep pushing forward in my recovery just by showing positivity in her own recovery. She doesn't give up and it's inspiring to see. She's also really supportive and always encourages people to do their best and always comments on posts to encourage people to keep pushing forward in what they are doing.  Also congrats on her engagement!! 

- Ricki Dzuba

I am emailing to nominate Hannah Cass as Ambassador of the month, because not only does she shred and is always at the end of the phone when I need her, but also as she sent me her own Sheshredsco SnapBack as she knew how much I wanted one!

- Leah Caprani
I would like to nominate Piper Harris. She always has something positive to say to any female rider even if they lose or win. She has such an energetic, positive attitude. She is truly dedicated to I stay with her when I go to Orlando and I feel like I am at my 2nd home. She is truly my Shred Bestie. More than a shred bestie, I feel like she is almost my sister from another mother from another state. She is truly an amazing person. 

- Aliza Capen


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