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Haylie Powell - Australian Skateboarder

by Kelly Vance on April 14, 2017

We see a lot of fundraising campaigns from our ambassadors and beyond, but this is one that inspired us!  11-year-old ambassador Haylie Powell let us know that while she is passionate about achieving her dream of becoming a pro skateboarder, she worries that her parents sacrifice a lot to fund her travel and competitions and wanted to do something to help fund her career herself. 


Check out her funding campaign here: and read our interview below to get inspired!


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Haylie is currently ranked 6th in pre-teen girls!

Tell us a little about yourself: how did you get into skating?  What’s your favorite thing about it?

For those of you that don't know me my Name is Haylie Powell aka microhaylie and I'm an eleven-year-old skater girl from Queensland Australia.

How did you get into skating?  What’s your favorite thing about it?

I got into skateboarding by my dad when I was 5 and haven't stopped shredding since.

The best thing about skating is meeting new skaters and getting inspired from each other

What made you decide to start competing?

I got into competition through Australian Skateboarding.  They had a skate day and at the end of the day held a small competition for the kids.  I was encouraged by other skaters to enter so I did, and came second.  I was 6 years old and It was so much fun, everyone was cheering everyone on and it made me feel happy.

How do you inspire other girls to get involved in skating?

I love to inspire others to skate, especially girls as normally I'm the only girl at a skate park.  I go along to a girls skate lesson and help out or either just skate around chatting with them.  I like to donate some of my prizes from competitions to the class to be given out and I love to hand out stickers from my sponsors.  

Sometimes at parks kids just come up to talk with me, I think because I'm am so small and ask how I do certain tricks, but the main question is are you a boy or a girl? Obviously having long hair doesn't matter these 

What is your dream for the future and your action sports career?

My dream is to keep enjoying skateboarding, become a Pro Skater and be on the Australian Olympic team for Skateboarding.


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How will helping your campaign help you achieve your dream?

The reason for my funding page is to assist my skateboarding journey to try and live my dream.  And it will Also help my parents out as they give up so much for me so I can attend coaching sessions and competitions.

I would really like to attend a Woodward camp.  I believe this will help me to get to the next level in my skateboarding. We do not have any such camps like Woodward here in Australia, so it's time to save my pennies and live out this dream, but to tell you the truth I may need some help.

Thank You for helping me and I hope some day I can meet fellow She Shredders!

Help Haylie out:


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by bobby junior fartsalot on August 03, 2018

she goes to my school and she is my best friend


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