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Giving Thanks to Our Shred Sisters - Part 2

by Kelly Vance on November 27, 2019
As we talked to our ambassadors about what they were thankful for in their sports, one theme we kept seeing was the value of the connections they had made as a part of SheShreds.  Whether at an event, an informal meetup, or a chance encounter, many SheShreds connections become lifelong friendships, and we always know that we've found a shred sister when we spot someone rocking a sheshreds sticker, hoodie, or hat!

I found out about SheShreds through Stacy Pokrywka! I spotted her wearing the black tech hoodie and I googled what SheShreds was. She happened to be the Ambassador of the Month when I pulled up the home screen. We connected on IG and since then she has shown me the ropes. I'm super thankful that she had that hoodie on that day!
- Linnae Jordan, Crew Ambassador

I haven't met a ton of women but the ones I have made me feel like there was no introduction. Especially with Adele Zeh, Maria Brunori, and Sunnie Michelle Graves. It was like we were always friends. Like people who have know each other since Pre-K.

And although I haven't met Cassandra Beccavin and Amanda Kay yet in person, I feel like I already have.

Now, I've never been one to know a stranger, it's not in my nature, but that vibe and mentality hasn't always been reciprocated. People may not be a stranger to me, but I have been a stranger to them. My husband constantly asks, "did you know her?" "I do now," I normally reply.

I'm thankful that I'm not a stranger in this group. I feel that most of us feel known. We are seen and heard without saying anything at all which is so powerful. Which is no doubt one of the biggest reasons why I love this group.

I'm thankful for the power that we find in ourselves through each other.

- Kimberly Ring, Crew Ambassador
(pictured with Adele Zeh, Silver Ambassador) 


Shop stickers and rock the SheShreds logo when you ride! 

 I made friends at the West Rock Wake Park with a gal wearing She Shreds.  She had gotten a shirt from an event that was sponsored - and I saw her tank and immediately introduced myself!. She had nothing but amazing things to say about SheShreds. We have been friends ever since!

- Amanda Monge, Silver Ambassador


I've only met one or two fellow ambassadors in person, but the SheShreds sisterhood is one of the most consistent groups of people I talk to.

I met Maria Brunori thro
ugh SheShreds when she came down to Durango. Although we'd never met, it was pretty easy to figure out who each other was with our gear! We had an awesome lunch, and it was even better for me because I had a REALLY crappy night and morning leading up to meeting her.

Most recently, getting to talk with Jamie Crane-Mauzy. We likely NEVER would have crossed paths had it not been fro SheShreds. It was amazing calling into her radio show and talking about TBIs, but it I think it was almost cooler to see how comfortable the conversation was having never met because of our online presence in the groups.

- Lainey Severson, Silver Ambassador



When I first became an ambassador and went to a ladies night and Gina recognized me and came up to me and talked to me instantly, That was such a rad experience as I can be shy (surprisingly).

Maria has been one of my best friends in Colorado for the last year and a half, and I've been beyond thankful for her support at the beginning of our friendship.

Jackie Perez randomly called me out driving down the road in Frisco while I was working 😂

I've met so many ambassadors which has helped me come out of my shell and be a little less shy when it comes to meeting people!

- Adele Zeh, Silver Ambassador

(pictured with Maria Brunori, Silver Ambassador) 


I loved getting the chance to photograph all these beautiful gals at USASA snowboard nationals a few years ago. Not sure what year it was?? It’s super cool that Ella still knows and sees some of these girls at comps!!

- Jeni Sorensen, mom of Gold Ambassador Ella Sorensen


I was a photographer intern for another company at the time when SheShreds was sponsoring our panel at SIA, I remember being told to make sure I get photos of everyone when the SheShreds logo (the old school one) popped up on the screen behind them. The next year Gina flew out to SIA and I made the connection that it was her cause she had a SheShreds flannel on. we sat on a couch between evens and talked for a while about snowboarding and SheShreds. A few months later I flew out to Utah to ride powder mountain and I got to ride with Gina. It was a blast, they showed me around powder mountain and after that first chair ride up with them I knew I wanted to be a part of this. Maggie had this cool black windbreaker on and I remember I wanted the same one, so I got it. The next few times I rode with Maggie, we wore our matching windbreakers and I felt really cool haha. I would always, and still do get complements on the windbreaker and I love telling people what it’s all about.

- Kira Martinez, Silver Ambassador

(with SheShreds Founder Gina Duffy) 


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