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Fate Loves the Fearless: 4 Tips for Conquering Fear

by Kelly Vance on June 30, 2017


What gives one woman the push to do something that most would find terrifying?  Is it that she is truly not afraid, or is there a more complicated answer?

Although the adaptive role of fear is to keep us safe from harm, often it instead impacts us in irrational ways; fear of failure, fear of intimacy, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, or fear of spiders (okay, maybe that one is legit).

Fear can often hold us back, but there is nothing more satisfying than conquering one of these irrational fears and moving past it. And no one who knows better the feeling of staring fear in the face and making a decision to ignore it than an action sports athlete.  This is why we embrace the idea that #FateLovesTheFearless.

Are you ready to live life with a FEARLESS attitude?  Check out these 4 tips:

1. Look at things from a logical perspective. 

Do you have a legitimate reason to be afraid? While overthinking things can get you into a boatload of trouble, it's wise to always consider whether or not your fear is legitimate.  Whether we're talking about snowboarding or public speaking, assessing your skill level and deciding whether or not there's something you can do to better prepare before taking a leap is a great way to get ahead of fear. 

"For me it is pushing forward despite being faced with fear. Whether it's fear of rejection, embarrassment, heartache, or injury... To face that, look it square in the eye and make a conscious, smart and well thought-out decision to keep going.  That's what fate loves the fearless means to me. There is nothing stronger than a determined woman, especially one that pushes onward." - Alison Fountain

"Fate Loves the Fearless is everything to me. It represents strength, perseverance and dignity. It shows that we are limitless in potential. I approach my sports without fear knowing the fact that I do have the capability in me and that fear is only in the mind. I see other girls out there doing their sports and I am inspired and motivated to do mine."   - Megan Benson

2. Have a Growth Mindset

Believing in yourself and engaging in positive self-talk can go a long way towards settling fears down, while negative thoughts make everything seem much worse than it is. 

"A growth mindset is when you say positive statements to yourself such as "I can do this" "there is always room for growth" "tomorrow will be better". A fixed mindset is when you tell yourself "I can't do this" "this is too hard" " I give up". When you constantly say negative things to yourself, they start to become true. Always remember the only real competition you have is with YOURSELF. I don't think I'm "fearless" but I do believe in myself a lot, which makes the world of a difference."   - Lauren Dillard

To me it means growth. Every single human in the world has fear that they need to conquer. I believe learning how to conquer that fear (more than just sports) as a decent & brave human requires you to grow. - Louise Upton





3. Consider the impact your fear is having on your life. 

Some fears have greater impact than others, but often moving past a fear can be helped by realizing how you'll feel about it down the road. 

"I won't live my life wondering "what if" or "I wish I had" so, I take every opportunity to try new things and let my experiences continue to expand my horizons!!"  - Natalie Graham

"To me "fate loves the fearless" means that you can do whatever you put your mind to. If you aren't willing to try new things you could be missing out on something great!"  - Grace Will

"Being fearless means we've all been in a place where it would be easy to quit our sport. Whether that's an injury, a scary experience, or being told we aren't good enough for our sport. For me, it involved needing search and rescue to come find me in the backcountry. After that experience I could have easily said, "Forget skiing!" But instead I was on my skis again 3 days later even though I still felt incredibly shaken." - Allie Huish

4. Think about the positive side of conquering your fear.

Many action sports athletes live for the feeling of facing a fear and coming out on top, and this is something that can apply to every kind of fear.  It may take some effort to face a fear and succeed, but once you have, you will feel like you can conquer the world! 

"Fate Loves the Fearless is about the absolute amazing feeling you get when you smash a move that scares the heck out of you or feeling accomplished when you don't let the fear sink in."  - Courtney Bamford

"I see it as a push in the right direction, making you a stronger individual by facing a new situation. If you don't fall (figuratively and literally), you can't learn." - Ro Leitner

"How AWESOME is it when you just land something, or finally overcome the trick you 'feared'. Then you do it a million times and think, 'I can't believe I was scared of doing this!'" - Catrin Butler

"'Fate Loves the Fearless' to me does not just pertain to sport, it relates to my whole life. From attacking my personal mental health for many years and not giving up, to always standing out, being unique, being myself and standing up for what I believe in. It's also the feeling I get when I finally accomplish something I didn't think I'd be able to do, both in sport and in life." - Chelsey Hennig

"In every aspect of your life going beyond your limits gives you chance to enjoy what life offers you in it's fullest, plus the great feeling that you've pushed your limits." -Valérie Vitoušová

"To me fate loves the fearless means that even though you might be scared out of your mind of something you still have the ability to do it! There are no limits! And you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!" - Jordan Wolfe

Show YOUR fearless side.  Post on Instagram with the hashtag #fatelovesthefearless and tell us what you've done to conquer your fear.  We'd love to feature your stories!

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1 comment
by Lorali Henderson on July 08, 2017

I once had a fear of water & hated the cold…I now am obsessed with snowmobiles, ride almost whenever I can in the winter & started watercross drag racing snowmobiles in the summer with my husband back in 2009!!Thanks for some awesome advice!!


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