December 2017 Ambassador of the Month Erin Eblen

December 01, 2017

December 2017 Ambassador of the Month Erin Eblen

This month's Ambassador of the Month selection was inspired by our two recent video edits for summer.  This ambassador not only worked hard at her summer sport of wakeboarding to get some killer shots, but is a talented editor and did all of the behind the scenes work on the edits as well!  Even though she's still in high school, we can see that her future is bright, and that she is truly passionate about action sports and her work, and we want to honor her with the ambassador of the month award this year. 

CONGRATS to Erin Eblen, our December 2017 Ambassador of the Month! 

Watch the video she is featured in and did all of the editing for here: 

Here's what some of the other girls had to say about Erin:

I want to nominate Erin Eblen because not only did she throw down some mad tricks in the edit, but she also took the time to edit the videos. I’ve edited many things and let me tell you, it’s not easy. It takes tons of time. And she did an amazing job at it. So thank you Erin and big props to you.
- Grace Hiljus

I agree with the Erin Eblen nomination because she spent a lot of her time editing and making these videos what they are.
- Kelly Hayes Hanks

I’m voting Erin Eblen because of her time in editing all the videos and doing such a rad job!
- Jen Jones

Erin also gave a shout out to all of the girls who participated in the video edit: 

I want to vote for ALL the girls! Thank you to all the ladies who submitted videos! I had so much fun editing these videos and everyone is amazing at what they do! 

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