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Winter X Games: Inspiration on the World Stage

by Kelly Vance on February 02, 2017

The impact of large events like the X Games goes way beyond the gold medals and the media hype.  The ability to watch the highest level of athletes perform can be incredibly inspiring, and what goes on behind the scenes even more so.  Our ambassadors react to their experiences watching the Winter X Games 2017. What was your favorite moment?  Share it in the comments!

Ambassador Stacy Pokrywka had the opportunity to travel to Aspen for the X Games this year and do some coverage for Shred Betties.  She inspired us with all of her behind the scenes photographs and descriptions.  Check out Stacy's photographs below, as well as her thoughts and favorite moments from our ambassadors. 

"The entire weekend, I saw the girls support each other at the bottom of each run. The group hug at the end of the Slopestyle competition was the highlight for me! Everyone could tell it was genuine and the smiles from all the girls were "real." Although they are all competitors, they are also friends. It's so important for the progression of the sport to support and cheer each other on.

"Although they are all competitors, they are also friends."

Our SheShreds group is quite similar in that we all "cheer" on our shred sisters and help each other progress and push each other to be better. This goes for both professionally and personally. Even though I haven't met most of my shred sisters in person, there is definitely a "sisterhood" that WE have created!"

- Stacy PokrywkaAmbassador

Slopestyle competitors group hug. 

"The biggest thing I found to be inspiring about the women in the X-Games was just to see how far the riders have come in the past few years. In such a short amount of time, the women have proven themselves to be brave, hard working, and extremely strong. It's amazing to see the progression from all of my favorite female riders that I've been following for years, and to see fresh faces like Hailey Langland throwing down at only 16 years old!!

The girls are pushing themselves harder than before to be where they're at now, and it makes me want to push myself that hard to be able to progress.

I find all of the females who compete in the X-Games, especially the snowboarders, to be huge role models for myself and many other female athletes as well. They are all so supportive of each other, giving the females of snowboarding a great representation of what most of us are actually like."

- Marci Sherman, Ambassador

"The ladies of the Winter X Games are all inspiring because while they're out there to grab gold, they are beyond stoked when other ladies throw down. It's awesome to see vets like Jamie, Elena, and Spencer show so much support for the girls new to x games like Hailey, Julia, and Katie, who all grabbed medals. I think a big part of women's snowboarding is being pumped when you're pushing yourself, but being more stoked to see someone else stomp a trick or run. I love ladies of the shred world, and so much of that relates to why I'm pumped to be apart of She Shreds"

- Erika Norocross, Ambassador

"I found all of the women's comps to be inspiring. These girls are out there gettin' it! I was especially ... proud, for a lack of better word ... at how the girls supported and pumped each other up. I was watching the women's big air final and the youngest boarder Haley Langland was up right before the oldest boarder Kjersti Blaas. They were both kicking major butt, and pumping each other up like they were each others biggest fans. These girls shattered boundaries for not only women, but women young and old."

- Natalie Kyte, Ambassador

The most touching and inspiring moment to me was when I heard that Karly Shorr was competing when she first got invited as an alternative and didn't know she was actually competing until a HALF HOUR after the competition started! Since she's from Michigan, I've rode with her a few times before and I know how hard she pushes, even though she may not be the best rider out there! All of the girls I saw competing were such an inspiration though because I got to see what their style was, what tricks they liked doing, and how some of them would even push each other to try for the same trick!

Seeing them support each other and push each other is so incredible and it just makes me wanna go out every day to ride and meet other girls and be like them!

I also follow a few of them on Instagram, and on their stories they would have videos of the girls waiting at the bottom of the hill in a tent with a tv watching whoever was riding down the half pipe at that time, and they would all scream and cheer and clap if they landed something awesome, regardless of their score!

- Ashley Lutterbach, Ambassador

Karly Shorr congratulates Julia Marino on her win. 
"What inspired me about this years X Games was how 16-year-old snowboarder Hailey Langland won first in big air with her huge cab double 1080 and how all the ladies were so stoked and happy for her and how everyone was so amazed and happy that she landed that super cool trick! Also a ton of big snowboarding websites and pages posted it and it looked to be a huge moment in this girl's life.  It shows us no matter how young or small you are, you can become a competitor against the worlds best in anything! Go girls!"
- Helena Mazzarella, Ambassador

"I loved the positivity and support that the women showed each other. It's inspiring to watch other female athletes compete and maintain friendships. They make snowboarding look so easy, and even though it's not, it makes me want to try it someday. I loved watching all of the women compete, and was so proud to see 16 year old Hailey Langland take the gold for big air."

- Sienna Brewer, Ambassador

"I found all of the women to be inspiring. I love that they had the opportunity to participate in the Big Air competition. I also loved the way they supported and cheered for one another...that is one of my favorite parts about snowboarding. I also learned a lot about not giving up; because even when they fell they got back up."

- Grace Will, Ambassador


I loved Stacy's coverage of the whole event! Stacy seemed very pumped to be there and it was great to see her point of view not just a TV network. I echo a lot of the words above, that it is great to see how far women have come in this sport. I also agree on the camaraderie amongst the women...on Kristi Leskinen's instagram account, she has put up a lovely group photo of Elena Hight saying ''when your friend finally wins@xgames and you're the one crying..Congratulations''.

- Marnie Millington



"Hailey Langland's Big Air win was impressive!! It seemed to even catch the announcers by surprise! It completely amped up everyone and there were hugs and congratulations all around!"

- Natalie Graham, Ambassador

"I LOVED that Stacy Pokrywka was able to catch that little moment when all the girls were hugging and cheering for each other. That is just so amazing to see how close they all are and how much they support each they're all in it together.

That actually gives me goose bumps and speaks to what we are all doing right here."

- Gina Duffy, Founder

Stacy meeting Kjersti Buaas

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