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August 2019 Ambassador of the Month: Lainey Severson

by Kelly Vance on August 01, 2019

Last month, ambassador Lainey Severson did something a bit unusual for our athletes - she competed in the Miss Colorado pageant for the Miss America Organization, earning 3rd place and a scholarship in the process.  Although we weren't super familiar with the world of pageants, it was incredible to watch the dedication and hard work that she put into it, as well as the extra effort she made to share her love for action sports and the SheShreds message along the way. 


"I am the girl that brought a (training) knife to the pageant."

- Bringing some badassery to the pageant circuit. 

In this pageant, and in everything she does, we see Lainey as a beacon of positivity and good energy - she continually makes an effort to speak up for causes that she believes in, including a big push for Brain Injury Awareness that she has partnered with us on over thee past few years.  


I couldn’t be happier to have someone like Lainey in our SheShreds family! Lainey wears her heart on her sleeve at all times. She really puts herself out there to everyone and is an open book about her experiences…good and bad. What I TRULY love about her is that when she has bad experiences she shares them openly and ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks at the upside to the situation and takes it as a learning opportunity. She just never falters in her willingness to try anything and to challenge herself in her sports, her relationships and her life in general. I know that all the girls take inspiration from Lainey and her attitude. She is so caring and nurturing to every single one of us! Thank you, Lainey, for just being you!

-Gina Duffy, Founder

Lainey's own special mix of fearless vibes and positivity. 

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