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April 2019 Ambassador of the Month: Amanda Monge

by Kelly Vance on April 02, 2019

This month, we're celebrating an ambassador who stood our for her FEARLESS attitude.  Amanda Monge made a commitment to progressing her snowboarding this season, and to inspiring others by sharing the story of her progression, through all of the triumphs and struggles.  We just loved watching her story unfold! 

Although a lot stood in her way, from naysayers to health struggles, Amanda committed herself to her goals.  She shows us all that you don't have to be an expert at everything at the start.  And that if you commit to pushing yourself outside your comfort zone (and to having fun while doing it) you'll gain more confidence and skill than you ever thought you would.

Congrats to our April Ambassador fo the Month Amanda Monge! 

We couldn't help but give ambassador of the month to Amanda. Since she started with SheShreds she has been a constant source of inspiration and a shoulder to lean on to ANY girl who needs one. She has pushed herself tremendously in snowboarding this season, even through debilitating ailments she has progressed so much. She is always a bright light and EVERY SINGLE DAY she puts positivity out to the girls and the universe!

- SheShreds Founder Gina Duffy

For more about Amanda follow her on Instagram: @girlmonge

Check out some of Amanda's progression: 

November 2018 


February 2019: 





March 2019







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