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April 2017 Ambassador of the Month: Jenna Malcolm

by Kelly Vance on April 03, 2017

A big congrats going out to our April ambassador of the month, Jenna Malcolm!

Jenna has been with our program for quite a while now, and everyone just loves her warm personality, perseverance, and great attitude, as well as her ever progressing wake skills!



Wake edit 2016 from jenna malcolm on Vimeo.


We'll let some of our ambassador comments speak for themselves: 


I voted for Jenna because she was so welcoming when I first started the crew. She's so nice and always has a positive attitude!

- Shelby Drager

Jenna Malcolm is very inspiring and an awesome lady. She is super fun to shred with too! She is so bubbly and a positive person. Jenna is an amazing role model for young girls like my self. I was a lucky girl to meet her at Terminus during this summer. She is a fighter through all she goes through and a I super happy to nominate Jenna.

- Jordan Wolfe

I voted for Jenna Malcolm because she has so much drive and perseverance! She always has a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face even in when she's receiving her treatments. Jenna is an inspiration to all females and is an awesome wakeboarder! She also has some killer yoga poses!

- Colleen Cain

I voted for Jenna because she was the first Sheshreds ambassador that she had ever met. She was so encouraging to me when I was the youngest (and only junior female) wakeboarding competitor in the GA Int. 2 years ago.  She is so nice, funny and cool. She works really hard and is really good at wakeboarding. And she has a really cute dog. 

- Janie Hensley

Jenna is always so upbeat and positive, regardless of circumstance. She always looks like she is having fun...I've heard from from others who have gone to the GA events that Jenna introduces herself to others and has encouraged other girls to go out and ride with her. Her boarding has progressed very nicely in the two and a half years I have known her (virtually) and I look forward to what's in store for the 2017 season!!

- Natalie Graham

I voted for Jenna because she's so incredibly supportive of everyone, she is kind, always seems to be smiling and never leaves someone out. Her humble and outgoing disposition makes you want to strive to be as peaceful and kind. She also has amazing talent! Jenna wakeboards and wakesurfs and has won awards as a wakeboarder!

- Alisa Topper


Our ambassadors also nominated and voted for several other awesome ladies.  Read more about them below! 



I voted for Kitty Egelman because of her constant determination and will power!! She's one badass lady and I definitely look up to her. Showing girls and women that strong is beautiful!! Keep it up girl!

- Jenna Malcolm

I voted for Diana Sciandra because she has been so positive and I 100% agree that her passion is amazing. She cares so much and spreads so much love. I know that if I ever needed someone to talk to she'd be there. Her FB live sessions have been amazing as well. So much knowledge!

- Megan Brown



I voted for Jade Cator because she is such an inspiring person! Shes got rad skills in all of her sports and she makes absolutely beautiful jewelry out of recyclable seaglass that she collects herself! She's always such a happy and supportive person in our SheShreds community and I always look forwards to the next time I get to see her!

- Hannah Cass


A post shared by Christelle (@christelle_rm) on


The way Christelle Rodas cares for her children is inspiring.  It inspires me to hopefully be a mother as great as she is one day. She's been nothing but kind to me since I've joined the crew. I moved to Utah a few months ago and was having a hard time being away from my family, she helped me through that and put a good perspective on life for me. Overall Christelle is a rad women, mom, adventurer, and human. She deserves the world as do her two lil chickas

- Noelle Sanders

I voted for Kitty Egelman because her pure dedication to her sport is so inspiring! It is evident she puts so much work into bettering herself for her sport and the sport she does shows she has so much bravery and is so fearless to fly that high up in the sky! And also she is pretty badass too, keep it up girl!

-Katie Hines 

I voted for Christelle Rodas! I love to watch her adventures with her minis. I love that she is a mother and adventurer after my own heart who loves life fully and breaks the way for her children to follow her in epic adventures. I voted for her because I want her to know in a world of bubble wrap we the parents who explore with our children are giving them the greatest gift of adventure. This instills confidence in themselves and gives then unique respect for beautiful natural wonders all around us.

-Laura Holm

I have Voted for Kitty Egelman because, well her name is adorable, ha! She also takes care of her body, ensures she continues to train and stay strong. She posts great photos that make me want to get up and do something! And even tho I have not met Kitty, from what I have seen she is a very kind and gentle person. I hope to be able to meet her some day

- Marina Sanchez


A post shared by Diana (@dianasciandra) on


I would like to nominate Diana Sciandra because of the EFFORT that she puts into this company! I have not been an ambassador for very long, but I remember when I first started back in January, one of the first posts I ever saw was one of her Mindfulness videos and the first time I watched it, I was SO intrigued and felt SO involved because of how personal her videos are. They are a huge amount of help for myself, and I bet many others of these girls can benefit from them because there is so much stress going on in the world right now; whether it be with work, school, an interview coming up, etc. I have not talked to her very much, but I'm hoping to get to know her through the flyers I'll be making for her very soon and just from being apart of the company as an Ambassador in the future. I'm extremely excited to be showing my work to her and to all of those who will be receiving the flyers in the near future! She's a huge help for all of the work she's put in, not only to SheShreds, but from seeing her coach and work with others!

- Ashley Lutterbach

Jade Cator is really committed to building the community in the U.K. and she has a super energetic and upbeat personality. She reps the brand well!

- Anne Goodnow






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