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Ambassadors of the Month March 2017: Sydney Kennett & Naya Dixon

by Bold Apps on March 02, 2018

This month for Ambassador of the Month, we took a look at some ladies who shred the air instead of the snow, water or pavement.  Sydney and Naya are two friends who share a passion for indoor wind tunnel skydiving. These ladies have both have wowed us with their photos and video of their graceful aerial tricks, and were nominated by their fellow ambasadors. 

Add to that their true spirit of sisterhood and we've got our ambassadors of the month!  We love the way these two support each other and bring each other up, even though they are competitors in the same sport. 

Congrats to Sydney Kennett and Naya Dixon on earning AMBASSADOR OF THE MONTH!

They shred so hard, but make it look so easy! Looks so sick as well!
- Emily Reid

I saw Sydney's video of how they practice their choreography (out of the tube) and even that blew my mind!
- Anna Debrone

High flying, daring, inspiring and awesome!!
- Krysten Sullivan

Props to our other high flyer, Kitty Egelman who also got the nomination for this honor.  Her fearless approach and passion for paragliding made this Ambassador of the Month decision a tough one!  Her beautiful photos of flying through the mountains of Europe has even inspired ambassadors to try the sport for themselves: 

I would never have gone up there had it not been for Kitty and all her amazing pics!! 
- Coz McLavy




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