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Ambassador of the Month McKenna Kameka

by Kelly Vance on August 07, 2017

Congratulations to our August 2017 Ambassador of the Month, McKenna Kameka!!

This month, we decided to put a little twist on our ambassador of the month nominations, and honor our new ambassadors who have impressed from the start.  Although McKenna has only been an ambassador for a few months, she dove right into the program and has made lots of new friends, impressed us with her progression, and done everything we've asked of her, including working for us as an intern!  We're so thrilled to have her in the program, and she definitely shows us all that even someone who is new to the program can make a huge difference! 

I vote for Mckenna Kameka, she's one badass rider and is helping to create another little shredder on the motocross track she has been thru tons in the last few months and she hasn't let any of that slow her down.
- Veronica Leclair

I have voted for Mckenna Kameka because she literally just dived right in! She shows us her skills, is great with the Crew and makes other girls want to get out there!
- Marina Sanchez


I vote Mckenna because not only has she literally embraced SheShredsCo. but she has been through so much and confides in us for advice, support and encouragement. It brings so much more meaning to this group of rad women when we can offer support and advice for not only sports but for life as well. She's just an overall awesome girl who loves the brand.
- Chelsey Hennig

I voted for Mckenna Kameka, I just love what she does!
- Valérie Vitoušová


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McKenna wasn't the only new ambassador to impress, check out some of our other top nominees:


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I am voting for Alex McWhorter. She's been a face in the wakeboard community for a couple years now and she is always working on new tricks both in boat and on cable. Super pumped she's now part of the SheShreds Crew!!
- Natalie Graham



My vote is for Valérie Vitoušová because you do things that would scare me! You are one amazingly bad chick and I admire you!
- Alex McWhorter

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I voted for Lowri Davies, She's free spirited and fearless with her kayak flips and continues to encourage other girls to push limits and join SheShreds.
- Joanna Phillips


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I vote Katie Purdy! I'm obsessed with her Instagram posts & she is such a badass in general!
- McKenna Kameka


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Chelsey Hennig, I knew she'd be an awesome ambassadorand thats why I told her to send in an application and I was beyond totally right!!
- Courtney Bamford

I nominate Alex McWhorter! She is so cool AND nice! She came to my meet up this summer and was so excited to be there. She helped out a lot with the younger girls that didn't know how to do any watersports. She goes hard at wakeboarding at it shows!
- Janie Hensley

Katie Purdy takes absolutely amazing action shots, her snowboarding shots last Winter were brilliant and how many fleece hoods did she manage to sell because of them!!???. Definitely epitomizes what SheShreds is about.
- Marnie Millington


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