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July Ambassador of the Month, Colleen Cain!

by Erika Vikander on July 01, 2017



It's so exciting to have so many great girls to choose from for our Ambassador of the Month. But one stood out among the rest. Gold Ambassador Colleen Cain is the embodiment of what is all about. From her mentorship to the rest of the ambassadors to her amazing Wakesurfing skills and Wipeout Wednesday falls, she has found a way into the hearts of all of our readers and ambassadors. Congratulations to this months' Ambassador of the Month, Colleen Cain! SHRED ON SISTER!

Bronze Ambassador Megan Brown

"She's always been such a positive and supportive member of this incredible group of women and to see her do the things she loves bring me a ton 'o joy! Love you girl!"

Gold Ambassador Kai Roshto

"I vote for Colleen Cain because she is so positive and an amazing example of a Sheshreds ambassador!! She leads by example and never stops pushing herself and is a great inspiration!!❤️❤️❤️ Love you Colleen!!"

Bronze Ambassador Jackie Arnold

"My vote is Coleen Colleen Cain, she is such an inspiration to so many of us. She puts her heart and soul into SheShreds. I could trust her with my life and i've only met her once. She speaks only kind words, is encouraging, and a warm soul. Love you Colleen!❤️  "

Gold Ambassador Marina Sanchez

"She is what SheShreds is all about! Kind, cool and someone to look up to! She inspires us through her achievements and makes us laugh with her wipe outs. Constantly improving and breaking the norm! Colleen is a boss lady!"

SheShredsCo Founder Gina Duffy

"Not only does Colleen continually push herself in her sport and challenger herself in life in general, but she also has truly embraced the SheShreds family as her own!! She welcomes every girl with open arms and her warm enthusiasm, making new members feel instantly at ease and supported. She constantly goes out of her way to mentor other girls or give them words of encouragement whenever the opportunity presents itself. Colleen is such a “mama bear” in our community and truly represents everything that is so positive and amazing about the SheShreds ambassador program."




Bronze Ambassador Lills Hubbard for her hard work on the mini ramp and dropping into that HUGE bowl!

It's #goskateday #2017 #goskateboardingday 👌🏼👌🏼😋😋😀😜❤️

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Crew Ambassador McKenna Kameka

"Dropping into that massive bowl was unreal & super inspiring! it makes me want to go out & buy a board & see what I can do! keep it up girl "

Bronze Ambassador Megan Benson

"I voted for Lills Hubbard because of her incredible progress in skateboarding. She's only been skateboarding for a short amount of time but is INCREDIBLE! I love following her progress on social media and she never fails to inspire me. Oh, and she totally outshined the boys when we met up at the Family Lynch Skatepark in Boston."

Crew Ambassador Sofia Carranca

"I vote for Lills because she's doing it great landing handplants at her backyard miniramp!"


Crew Ambassador Amanda Dexter for constantly pushing herself to do bigger and badder things on her Mountain Bike. 

 Bronze Ambassador Jo B Phillips

"Shes a rad mtb girl who is continiously pushing herself, and spreading the stoke to other local girls!"


Crew Ambassador McKenna Kameka for always pushing her limits in Motocross.

so thankful for moments like these | 📸: @petesmehgeeters

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 Crew Ambassador Kate Varin

"Not only is she out there shredding it with us, she's also be very helpful in the crew chat and always stays positive."  


Bronze Ambassador Lauren Dillard for embracing the Moxi Summer of Skate challenge.

 Bronze Ambassador Shayrin Bairey

"I have to vote for Lauren Dillard because I would not be pushing myself without seeing her progression!!!! I don't know if she's even fully aware of how mind blowingly well she's been doing!! 😜She is totally embracing sheshreds by INSPIRING!!!!"

Bronze Ambassador Leah Caprani

"Lauren Dillard's Moxi challenge is so inspirational!"


Crew Ambassador Ashleigh Nyborg for her perseverance at learning to land a wake backroll. 

 Pro Team Athlete Erika Vikander

"Ashleigh is so inspiring on her wakeboard and is insanely motivated with her fitness!" 


Crew Ambassador Alex McWhorter for continually progressing at the Wake park.

 Gold Ambassador Colleen Cain

"I had the pleasure of meeting her at Janie 's SheShreds meetup! What an amazing personality this woman has! She's always smiling and laughing and loves to teach young wakeboarders how to shred. If you don't see her on a wakeboard, it's probably because she's behind the camera taking sick pics of our shredders in action!"


Bronze Ambassador Shayrin Bairey for sharing her new found roller blading passion.

  Silver Ambassdor Shelby Drager

"Shayrin is a very determined and motivated lady. I love it! She also offered to help me with making my edit and did a great job with doing so. She's really nice and seems like a cool, easy going, fun girl!!" 



















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by Colleen Cain on July 01, 2017

Thank you so much! I truly consider my family! These girls are constantly killing it in their sports everyday but are the most supportive group of girls you’ll ever meet! I can’t tusk Gina Duffy enough for founding this amazing brand that has brought us all together! Being part of the crew has helped me in so many ways, from motivation to do better in wakesurfing to dealing with my anxiety and depression head on. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive group of ladies that continue to push the limits everyday! I love each and everyone of my shred sisters and am so grateful for their support!❤️


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