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Ambassador highlights: EQUESTRIANS

by Erika Vikander on June 20, 2017



At SheShredsCo we pride ourselves on the inclusion of all sports, especially those that don't get the amount of exposure they deserve. This week we are taking a look at the world of Equestrian sports, and highlighting some of our ambassadors that get their thrill for adventure on the back of one of human kinds most ancient animal connections... the horse. 

"My connection with my horse is very special because it is one that is built on a very strong foundation of hard times that later brought trust." - Ambassador Tia Elizabeth.

Equestrianism, an upcoming 2020 Olympic sanctioned sport is divided into three distinct disciplines: show jumping, dressage, and the three day event. Tia competes and is practicing for the upcoming World Equestrian Games on a horse that came from an unimaginable background. 

"She was a previous SPCA cruelty confiscate. Maple was starved nearly to death, her feet were overgrown, you could see every bone in her body. The vet thought she was 18 years old, not eight. I got to the rescue and I knew she was the one. I walked in her stall and was moved to tears I could see the hurt in her eyes, there was no trust left. When I brought her home she was wild, untrained and I was unable to bridle her without her bucking and throwing a fit. She wouldn't let a single soul ride her but me. She couldn't jump, trot balanced or canter at all. Now we are competing all over and excelling." - Ambassador Tia Elizabeth 

To find rhythm and harmony with one of these creatures is an amazing accomplishment itself, but to be able to compete and push both yourself and your horse to the limit while under pressure, is downright astounding.




On the other side of the equestrian world lies the rodeo disciplines, where Bronze Ambassador Billie Merrill shines.  Unlike most action sports, women were included in Rodeo events almost since the inception around 1888. Women have not only been participating, but excelling in these events. Today women's barrel racing is included as a competitive event in professional rodeo, with breakaway roping and goat tying added at collegiate and lower levels. 

"My parents both grew up competing in rodeo and I started when I was really really little I think I won my first buckle when I was 3, it was for riding a sheep. I did junior rodeo all the way up to high school rodeo. I think I love rodeo so much cause you can do it forever I see 70 year old men and women still out roping and riding. In high school I did all the events. Barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, team roping, and cow cutting, I even did a few rodeo queen contests." 

"I have had several horses throughout the years but my main one I have now was raised by my dad. I wanted her from the day she was born. I tried and tried to get my dad to let me have her but I think he knew she was gonna be a good one. I finally made a deal with him and I sold my main rope horse at the time and bought her. She wasn't easy to train but I had help from a lot of different people and we are still learning together. It took me over a year to finally decide on a name for her. She is a buckskin horse and her name is shiner (like black eye) I thought it kind of had a double meaning like she is fancy, but she is tough to. The first summer I decided to compete on her was awesome, she won money in every event I entered her in team roping barrel racing and breakaway. We almost won a saddle in our first season but we missed it by a few points. I was so blessed to have such an awesome horse. I always think it is good to do lots of different things on your horses, they are just like people, they have personalities and you have to learn how to get along with them just like you have to learn to get along with siblings or family or really anyone." -Ambassador Billie Merrill




If you want to learn more about equestrian sports, or where to get gear check out our affiliate Cabelas here: 

Cool pic my sister took of me. I kinda love my family they are all so talented and supportive of me. Thanks family!!!

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We have quite a few talented ambassadors who participate in these events and we are proud to stand behind these women pushing the limit for both them and their horses. 


Thankful for this old dragon 🦄🐉 #heidi #sheshredscocrew @sheshredsco #firebreathingdragon

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Ambassador Elle Cymbaluk
Crew Ambassador Elle Cymbaluk 
Crew Ambassador Paris Schneider 
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