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Meet Chelsea Waddell: Ast. Soft Goods Rep & Event Coordinator for Burton

by Gina Duffy on January 15, 2016

Hey Girls,

Ladies night at PowMow has begun and the first event was a stellar amount of fun and reuniting with shred besties. If you have not attended an event before you should come check it out and see what everyone is talking about. This week we will be having Four Horseman Sales rep Chelsea Waddell out on the slopes to show us some demo boards and ride with SheShreds. I caught up with Chelsea to see what its like in the day of a rad girl ripper who also reps and writes for major snowboard companies. Check out the interview below for some hands on info on the snowboard industry as she knows it. Make sure to read to the end for some great advice and inspiration and come out and meet Chelsea at our Ladies Night on Powder Mountain Jan. 20th. Shred on Sisters!

Who: Four HorseMan Sales

Shop Them Via: SheShreds Gear Boutique

Follow: @fourhorsemansales @waddellchelsea

Whats your day consist of being a representative and a writer for the snowboard industry?

  • No day is the same as the last when it comes to being a sales rep in snowboarding. We spend time doing clinics, showings, and events all over the inter-mountain region. As far as writing goes, all of that is freelance for me. That means I could have multiple stories to get done it  a week, or none for the month.  Writing is the fun thing I do when I have some free time
Whats the hardest part of your job? Most rewarding part of your job?
  • My job is pretty amazing, but I guess the hardest part would be watching shops struggle during bad snow years... We all struggle during those times, but they feel it from the ground level. The most rewarding part of my job is getting to be a part of events that get people snowboarding. I feel like that's what its all about.

    What drove you to become the person you are, any special mentors or inspirations?

    • Oh man! I have so many. I have looked up to Susie Floros for as long as I can remember.  After being the Burton Women's Team manager for seven years she went on to become the editor of Snowboard Mag and helped turn it into something really special. I think shes such a badass. I also owe a lot to Lesley Betts at Burton and Marie-France Roy for being such amazing mentors for me. They always know how to set my mind at ease and have shown me that I can do anything.

    ​Above: Susie Floros

    Below: Lesley Betts

    ​Below: Marie-France Roy and Chelsea Waddell

    Besides snowboarding, what sports or activities fill your time?

    I follow the World Surf League pretty closely and try my hand at it whenever I get the chance, but soccer is what really gets me excited. "Obsessed" is a strong word but that might be the only way to describe it. The United States Women's National Team is comprised of some of the overall greatest athletes in the world, and they're a huge inspiration to me. Look up Carli Lloyd's goal from half field in the World Cup Final and tell me your not inspired.

    What is it like being roommates with SheShreds team athlete Veroniqi Hanssen?

    • Living with Niqi is just like living with anyone else. We don't really talk about snowboarding that much. We talk about politics, life, food and funny cat videos. She is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met.

    What trick took you the longest to master and what trick are you currently pursuing?  

    • It took me a really long time to be able to do a hand plant, but now I can do a standard hand plant pretty consistently. It took me two summers on Mt. Hood to come even close though! The latest "trick" I'm working on is splitboarding. Everything from transitioning, to skinning, to kick turns, is a whole new world to me.

    What's your go to snowboarding snack?

    • I don't really ever eat while I am snowboarding, but if I brought a snack it would probably be a bag of peanuts and raisins. Its tastes like a PB&J, but it doesn't get squished in your pocket.

    What board set up are you currently rocking?

    • We have a demo fleet at our showroom so I change boards a lot, but I am usually switching between the Burton Daytrader, Lipstick , and Socialite.

                 Burton Daytrader                           Burton Lip Stick                           Burton Socialite

    What board set up would you recommend for our SheShreds ambassadors who want to ride Utah's park and pow on the same day?

    • I'd hand that girl a Lip Stick ( See Above) and send her off for the best day of her life. It's a flattop, true twin that will take you anywhere. Plus, this season the graphic is scratch and sniff!

    What binding/boot set up would you recommend for our SheShreds ambassadors who want comfort and performance all day long?

    • I run Burton Felix Boots with Burton Escapade Bindings. Felix's have the double boa system, which is clutch. Escapades are a bit softer than Burton's famous Lexas, which I like, and you rarely can't beat the hammock straps.


    Burton Felix Boots                                Burton Escapade Bindings

    Whats your favorite pant/jacket combo to stay warm in the epic snowstorms of Utah?

    • I really like the Fremont jacket and the Vida pant. I don't want to look like I'm deep in the Alaskan backcountry when I'm cruising my home mountain, and both of these pieces are more on the urban side.

                                      Burton Fremont Jacket                             Burton Vida Pant

    SheShreds is doing a ladies cat day adventure in a few weeks, which boards would you recommend for an all day powder adventure?


                                 Burton Day Trader                              Burton High Spirits

    If you could change one aspect of the snowboarding industry what would it be?

    • If I had to change one thing I guess I would say I wish people treated this culture less like its ours to own, and more like its ours to share. We are so quick to laugh at someone who isn't "doing snowboarding" in a way we approve of. I'm guilty of this too. If they are not dressed how we want them to be, or they are struggling to link turns, they automatically look like a "kook", but those "kooks" are the people we desperately need to keep our sport alive. We need them to love it as much as we do.  In a culture built by outcasts and misfits we sure are not always very welcoming.

    Finally, Is there anything you want to say to the girls out there pursuing careers in the snowboard industry, tips or inspiration?

    • Don't be afraid to have an opinion. There are going to be people who doubt you either because you are young, because your a female, or just because they think they know more than you, but if you think something is not right, say something. If you think something is really cool, say something. The right people will respect you for speaking up. I feel like I spent way too much time trying to please people instead of trying to help them rethink things and innovate. Not everyone is always going to like you anyways, so speak your mind and make a difference.

    Written by: Ambassador Joanna Brashear

      Learn more about Joanna and check out her ambassador page here!

      by Gina Duffy on January 18, 2016

      Jan, Awesome comment! We’re stoked to spotlight amazing females in the industry like Chelsea. The article was actually written by our ambassador, Joanna Brashear! Shred on!

      by Jan Beauchamp on January 18, 2016

      Chelsea is an amazing woman, athlete and perfect spokesperson for the sport…in addition to being a special person. Kudos to you, Gina Duffy, for this article.


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