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Gina Sits Down With Skating Fashionista

by Virginia Buechel on October 19, 2015

Recently Gina sat down with Skating Fashionista to discuss and where the journey has taken the female action sport company.

Skating Fashionsita

On my mission to get more girls skateboarding for fun & keeping it fashionable, I get to meet a lot of people – actually more people than I ever would have guessed.  I am so lucky to meet people that are out there being the change they want to see.

One incredible person I’ve met on the journey is Gina Duffy, Founder of after reading the SheShreds Manifesto:

It doesn’t matter what you mother told you that you could or could not do… should or should not be.  It doesn’t matter that your teacher… or your coach said you would never make it. And it doesn’t matter that that guy didn’t give his heart to you the way he should have. All that matters is this moment… this mountain to snowboard… this wave to surf… this rail to grind… this last mile to run… this steep to bike up… this wake to jump… this moment to shred. No one can hold you back now. Shred on, sisters. Shred on!  Gina Duffy, founder

I had to find out more.  I’m really glad I took the time to look at both their super cute collection and read their About Page – it’s a page that left me feeling inspired & charged up!  If you believe in girl power – my interview with Gina is the one to read – it goes beyond skateboarding or any other one sport to really talk about the power all girls have and the power that can be unleashed when we work together!  Read on, sisters, read on!

SF: I read that started as an act of rebellion with one goal – to help girls shred without limits – what originally got you going on your mission? 

What got me started originally was my FRUSTRATION for the tiny amount of product and support for females in action sports. So I started out kind of angry/rebellious but realized, I don’t want to put any negativity out there. I wanted it be about having a positive impact on females in action sports, shaking things up in the industry and putting a positive and supportive message out there.

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