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The Best Outerwear - How to Pick a Jacket for Snowboarding or Skiing

by Bold Apps on October 02, 2015

So you are ready to try snowboarding or skiing this winter or you are a well-seasoned rider looking for new apparel and outerwear. Maybe you have a snow trip planned that requires some new threads to keep you extra warm in the cold or you are expecting some wet conditions in your region this winter. Even if you aren’t a snowboarder or skier, you could be looking for women’s winter outerwear for outdoor activities like hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing. The SheShreds Team has some helpful resources and tips to help you choose the right outerwear for your snow adventures.

Being a leader in women’s winter apparel for action sports and board sports, the SheShreds Team takes pride in providing some helpful advice when shopping for new clothing for your winter days. With help from our ambassadors and team members, we’ve put together a infographic that can help break down some of the outerwear options you may come across when shopping. Some of these options may be absolutely necessary for your activity or they may be an added benefit worth spending some extra money. But we also want to provide you with the information that can clear the air about some of the hype when it comes to women’s outerwear for skiing and snowboarding.

Infographic Guide for Women's Snowboarding & Skiing Outerwear

Women's Guide for Choosing Best Outerwear for Snowboarding & Skiing


  • If you are a beginner snowboarder be sure to have waterproof clothing for your pants and jacket, we aren’t going to sugar-coat it; your butt will be on the snow when you’re learning and you want to get gear that will keep you dry. Believe us, it will be a better experience.
  • If you are a year-round snow athlete, it can pay off to get better gear but know what kind of waterproofing and technical fabric you are getting for your money. Some brands may be hiking up the price because of their name but may not be able to deliver with the performance you’re looking for.

Ambassador Apparel & Gear Suggestions:

Dee Spencer

Virginia Buechel

  • Jacket: Columbia 3-in-1 Jackets - "I have been using Columbia as my go-to outerwear for the fair prices and great wear. I can get multiple snow seasons out of their products."Womens Outerwear Winter Jackets

  • Socks: Smartwool PhD Snowboard Light Sock - "I've always loved the Smartwool socks. They have a great feel, comfort, warmth, and also a bonus of great patterns."

Remember you can always shop with our partners at Backcountry for all your outerwear need for the winter season.

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