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5 Ways To Get In Shape For Snowboard & Ski Season

by Virginia Buechel on November 03, 2016

In honor of the Summer coming to a close, the SheShreds Team and Ambassadors gathered some of our favorite pre-winter workouts together to help female shredders get ready for the riding season. Whether you ski or snowboard the park, woods, cruisers, or backcountry terrain, it's important to get your body in the right shape to withstand the long months of winter with healthy legs, core, and endurance.

Our SheShreds Team is looking forward to the 2016-2017 winter and want to make sure you are in the top shape. So we are sharing some of our favorite workout techniques, exercises, and routines with our infographic below and some tips from Ambassadors.

Check out the SheShreds Pre-Winter Workout Infographic below:

Balance Exercises for Snowboard & Skiing

Our Ambassadors continue to stress the importance of balance, strength, and endurance training when getting ready for the snow season. To start off we have some exercises from Ambassador Riley Lovejoy that helps her keep her balance on par during the off-season so she can shred on her snowboard for the long winter ahead.

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Riley simply bought a blank skateboard deck, 3-inch wide PVC pipe (12-24" long, your preference), and you can option to buy fancy duct tape to decorate.

Riley: Snowboarding Balancing Exercises

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Riley Says: 

"When I'm not shredding on the mountain, I'm practicing my balance, coordination and core strength on my homemade balance board!  It's a great and FUN workout. You feel it in your quads, abs, and calves for sure!!"

Ambassador Laura Kaminski also works on her balance in the off-season by using a Bosu Ball to work on not only her balance but her core too. Whether you are skiing or snowboarding your core strength is important and by working on your balance you can achieve strengthening for your mid-section.

Lauren Working on Balancing

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By performing squats, you can increase your leg strength and conditioning for those powder days or dropping into your favorite kicker. Laura also is usually seen rocking her workout outfit with some rad tanks and other apparel.

Strength Exercises for Snowboarding & Skiing

Strengthening your body in preparation for the winter sports is also important. Whether you are cruising down the long trails or entering the park with some new tricks, you want to be able to try new things and know that you knees and legs won't give out. At the end of the day when the mountain is empty, having strong legs can allow you the shred the mountain on your own.

Ambassador Laura brings some more strengthening exercises that many riders and skiers can perform on their own without a gym membership. The first image below Laura is performing pushups on an exercise ball. Instead of doing pushups on the ground, using an exercise ball allows Laura to also work on her core strength and balance.

Strengthening Pushups

Be Sure To Maintain Proper Posture & Positioning

You can see that Laura keeps her hands directly under her shoulders when pushing up, while also keep her back straight. It is important to keep the right posture when doing pushups so that you don't hurt your back or shoulders. Keep your shoulders and back strong is just as important as strengthening your legs for winter sports. Any twisting and turning that you are performing directly affects your back and upper body.

Below you can see another exercise that Laura works on during the winter season by using heavy rope for her arms and back strength.

Rope Exercises

These rope exercises are becoming increasingly popular in gyms and sports teams and rightfully so. Not only does this help with arm and back strength but it also is a great cardio workout. This leads to our next important exercise focus; endurance.

Endurance Exercises for Snowboarding & Skiing

When you are getting ready for a long winter, one of the most important factors of your re-winter workouts should be endurance. Strength and balance will allow you to get right back to where you left off last season, but endurance will allow you to go all day-long, all winter-long. Ambassador and longboarder Amber Burgermeister shows off one of our favorite exercises to get your body ready no matter what sport season you're getting ready for.

Yoga for Snowboarding

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Amber Says:

"I practice a lot of yoga to not only optimize my core strength but to relax my mind….because a focused mind is a strong mind."

Not only is yoga great for building up your endurance, but it combines all the above mentioned exercise benefits, as well as flexibility and mental health. If you don't call yourself a "gym rat", yoga can be a great benefactor for preparing you for a long winter.

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