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8 SheShreds Girls Repping At 2015 WWA Nautique Wakeboarding Championships

by Virginia Buechel on August 10, 2015

Wakeboard NationalsThis time of year is when you separate the girls from the winners. With some of the SheShreds ambassadors participating in the 2015 Nautique Wakeboard & Wakepark Championships in Miami, FL. With a wide variety of girls heading down to the panhandle state to take on the competition in their divisions, the SheShreds Team is excited to be represented by such great girls and women.

Jordan Wolfe - Age 10 - North Carolina

“Super psyched to be going to nationals. I just started competing last year so I can't wait to see what it is all about and to hang out with my She Shreds sisters! I have worked hard this summer at all my competitions and it has been fun to beat the boys at my INT competitions. I know all my hard work will pay off! Also excited to go to a competition where I get to see all the pros ride!”

Kyla Hendricks - Age 9 - Wisconsin

“It's a great time to meet new girls from around the nation and to meet up with old friends from other states that you don't ever get to see.”

Kaitlyn Adams - Age 7 - Ohio - SheShreds Athlete

“I'm pretty excited to go to another nationals in wake after only wake boarding 2 1/2 summers!! I have a song we play on the way to the cable park "Go Big Or Go Home""

Zoe Luquette - Age 14 - Nevada

“This is epic! I am SO STOKED to be going to WWA Nationals in Miami! WWA and Nautique make me feel like I belong there, competing next to the pros. It's also where all my friends in the industry come together and it's like a reunion. I can't miss that!"

Zoe Wakeboard

Natalie Graham - Age 40 - Arizona

“I am excited for Nationals for many reasons: just getting the privilege to continue to ride and compete, seeing my SheShreds pals, watching the pros throw-down, and riding at Miami Watersports Complex - particularly because we don't have any cable parks where I live.”

Piper Harris - Age 13 - Florida

“I am stoked to be a part of WWA Nationals again this year. I am looking forward to seeing all my friends and SheShreds Crew. I am also excited because I have my front flip down off the kicker and I can't wait to throw in the contest. SHRED ON SISTERS!!”

Also competing in the WWA Nationals is SheShreds ambassador, Shannon Sahinbas - Age 13 - Michigan.


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