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2020 Jamboree - Recap, Results & Photos!!! United We Shred!!

by Kelly Vance on February 10, 2020

This year's Jamboree event was the best yet - we're unbelievably humbled and honored to be at the center of such an amazing community of women and girls.  What warmed our hearts even more was seeing the amazing photos and comments pour in over the past few days from the participants. 
Add your stoke to the comments below! 

Before the event, our founder Gina Duffy was able to get out and spread the word with this Fox News Interview as well!




This year's Jamboree weekend was filled with extremely powerful moments. There was laughing, some crying, lots of high-fiving. So many friendships were cemented for all time. I'll never forget the feeling of all the ladies dropping in together on the mountain. People were stopping in their tracks to see 25+ women and girls swarm the mountain at once. You rarely see that many females all riding together and it was inspirational to everyone who witnessed it and for us to be a part of it. That was absolutely the highlight of the weekend for me. So much positive energy and love was generated that will continue to reverberate through us all for a very long time.

- Gina Duffy, Founder (@gina_duffy_sheshreds)



This weekend was amazing! I met so many incredible women and had a blast! So thankful to be a part of such a rad group of girls!

- Maria Brunori (@mariaaaericaaa)


 So thankful for for bringing all of these amazing women together this weekend in Utah. From being stuck on the chair lift for an hour to pretty much taking over the mountain with group runs, it was an incredible weekend. 

- Kira Martinez (@sakimarie)


Yesterday was one for the books. Sheshreds Jamboree was full of laughs and memories. Worst Ice storm ever and Payton got stock on a lift for over an hour. She had good company and eventually de-thawed. The Rail Jam was a hit and Skylar met a new BFF.

- Amy Lucas (@amylucas1)



First time bombing down a mountain with a 25-chick girl gang! So incredible! Thanks to all for such a great weekend - what an amazing group of women and girls. Special thanks to Gina and Tony for the tireless work you guys have done to make this weekend special and bring all of us together 😘

- Stacy Pokrywka (@stacyinthesnow)



This weekend was amazing! I met so many incredible women and had a blast! So thankful to be a part of such a rad group of girls!

- Nicole Knutson (@nicoliieknut)


 Too many things that I could say about the amazing weekend I’ve had. @sheshredsco and the family I’ve formed because of it have changed my life. So many laughs and good turns were shared this weekend.  Thanks for letting a lil old skier girl join your snowboarding cult. 

My appetite for skiing has like doubled since the jamboree.

- Allie Huish (@meowntainmamma)



I was lucky to go on a super fun weekend trip to Utah for the She Shreds Jamboree! We met so many rad ladies!  Can’t say I’ve ever ridden with 25+ ladies’s was definitely memorable!
- Amanda Monge (@girlmonge)



The She Shreds Jamboree was nothing short of amazing this weekend 💗 I met so many rad chicks and saw so many that I already know!  At one point there where 25+ of us all shredding together on the same hill! I’ve definitely never experienced anything quite like that!  Thank you so much for putting on such an incredible event!

- Hayley Sweeney (@hayleysteed)




Being apart of this amazing community of strong, positive, like minded women throughout the years has been incredible! Finally over the past weekend I got the opportunity to participate in our yearly SheShreds Jamboree!

The weather conditions were not ideal but finally coming together as we are putting faces with names and sealing bonds that will forever be with us from years to come was priceless. 
I’ve never had any opportunities to ride with so women before and for us to all strap in together and seriously take over PowMow with the founder was insane!!!

- Cassanda Beccavin (@shredgal)


Jamboree Rail Jam


An incredible group of skiers and riders headed up to Powder Mountain this past Friday for our annual Jamboree Rail Jam, part of our Jamboree Weekend event.  With some amazing prizes from our sponsors, and an atmosphere of good vibes, progression, and positivity, we walk away from this event feeling all the feels.  These girls killed it this year, from the littlest groms to our advanced snowboard division winner who is a mom of 4 and STILL has it. 


Click to check out this amazing photo gallery of the event compiled by ambassador & photographer Melissa Benjamin. 


Advanced Snowboard
1st - Abigail Berg
2nd - Kaitlyn Elswick
3rd - Brie Pepe

Advanced Ski
1st - Wynter McBride
2nd - Morgan Lyman
3rd - Kylee Matthews 

Intermediate Snowboard
1st - Melissa
2nd - Jen Jones
3rd - Kristy

Intermediate Ski - 1st - Allie Huish


Beginner Snowboard - 
1st - Payton Lucas 
2nd - Summer Hallows
3rd - Resse A

Beginner Ski -
1st - Madison Lackey 
2nd - Skylar Lucas
3rd - Lauren Elswick


This year's sponsors really went above and beyond with their support of the ladies, with $1000+ in cash prizes, and some killer gear and merchandise. 

Our sponsors and partners:

  • Powder Mountain- We are excited to be a legacy resort partner and love calling this amazing resort or HQ. They have been incredibly supportive for years and we are grateful!
  • Lucky Slice- These guys and gals have been believers in our mission since the beginning. Supporting everything we have done. They are not only great pizza, but an anchor in the outdoor community in N. Utah and beyond.  Ride Powder, Eat Pizza
  • SMITH Optics- has been so supportive and gone out of their way to involve us in their female focused initiatives for years. They help make our podium prizes and scwhag bags unparalleled.
  • Jones Shirts and Signs- From 1-10,000 they can make it right here in N. Utah. We started our brand with blank applications with them and they continue to support our multi season efforts with trophies, event merch and more!
  • All-Actionsports.comProvides all our event logistic support, sponsor/partner management and muscle to get things done.
  • CrossRoads- These guys and gals have come correct enhancing their legit retail (Skate and Snowboard) and making the shop and park super female friendly. We appreciate them stepping up big time this year in sponsorship of our events.
  • Level 9 (L9) Sports Ski and Bike Shops- We are stoked to work with this crew for the first time this season with their amazing selection of new and used gear at multiple locations in N. Utah and a growing online shopping experience. They are supporting prizes and offsetting execution costs
  • Gnarwalls- Is another new partner for 2020 with an amazing product backed up by a huge large scale graphics operation (Buzz Graphics). We can’t wait to feature their products through our event series.
  • Surf Ogden (Flowrider Ogden)- A long-time partner as we have hosted ladies only events, sponsored competitive athletes and supported this unique sport and complex as they have supported us. We will be jamming on the wave to wrap up the Jamboree weekend Saturday night 7-10p- FREE for all Jamboree participants and friends of!
  • Compass Rose Lodge- Is a brand new boutique hotel below Powder Mountain with amazing single occupancy and bunk style rooms that sleep up to six! There are still rooms available and you will be right across the street from our evening event venue! contact Natalie.
  • Utah Outdoor Association- We are honored to be part of this group that is working to bring the Utah Outdoor industry together into a problem solving ecosystem of support and development from small to large outdoor business, brands and services.
  • Good Vibes Jewelry- Sydnee Evans not only makes amazing and creative jewelry, she has been part of our Ambassador group for years participating in marketing programs, press events and is a crazy good snowboarder. Expect to see her signature pieces in podium prize bags this year and hopefully her schedule allows her to join us for some of the fun this season!
  • KC Fowls Tattoos- KC and his wife Rikki were stoked to “do something” with us this season. The outcome is a custom drawn “flash sheet” of winter inspired tattoos available from KC, sticker sheets you will see very soon and an apparel collection forthcoming! KC illustrates and tattoos in the “Old Skool” style of days gone by. Think “Sailor Jerry” we are super excited about this collab. IG @KCfowlstattoos
  • Niche Snowboards- Kirsten, Ana and Todd have been showing up and blowing up stuff with us braving the cold “OG” ladies nights since the beginning doing clinics, demos of their amazing boards and providing their unique creative work, sustainable ethos and more. We love them and look for to their inclusion this season.
  • Fervora- We are very excited to welcome Fervora to our program this year. Simply put, they have about perfected the individual influencer affiliate program making it easy for you to make money with a multitude of outdoor brand and retailers. They will be hosting our Friday Jam dinner and sharing the program. We even hear Niche Snowboards might be their latest brand you can rep through their program easily earning commissions on reccos that turn into sales. How many ladies ride Niche? Answer: A LOT.
  • Wimpy and Fritz- Besides making the best tacos we have ever had. Lane and Brian and their families are “show up” locals and skate or die guys. We can’t wait to have their carne and vegan friendly creations at the arrival dinner! Voted Utah’s best Taco!
  • Admiral Beverage-Pepsi We can’t say enough about the “Pepsi Posse” Our local crew is epic! They support everything we do providing beverages, smiles, labor when we need the help, signage and so much more. We are grateful for their can do tude all the time!
  • Leaf Filter- This product is amazing if you have a structure with gutters of any sort and trees. It makes cleaning your gutters every fall/spring a thing of the past. They like to support the outdoor community and have shown up for many of our events. They are helping underwrite cash prizes this year. Consider their product, it will give you more time to be outside and play instead of on a ladder.
  • Grounds For Coffee- With the brand and franchises predominantly female owned, we are excited for their integrated support this year. Fresh and local with locations all over N. Utah, we admire their entrepreneurial, decidedly local tenacity. They are supporting our weekly events with intention and helping offset  cost for our evening activations for the Jamboree weekend.
  • Huntsville Mercantile- This will be our apris ski and board home for evening events Thursday and Friday! Nestles in the valley below Pow Mow Resort. Amazing, comfortable space with large format video and audio capabilities. We are excited to host our growing group there for some serious memory making.
  • Odgen Wellness Center- We see the Doctor’s weekly for adjustments and other wellness services to keep our athletics on point. We are stoked to have them join us this season providing consults and adjustments at the Jamboree and support of our ladies night series
  • New World Distillery- Is providing a complimentary tasting and tour event at the Distillery for our 21+ friends. This will be awarded in our raffle Friday evening 2/7 for the winner to arrange at a later date.




And of course, we need to give a huge thanks to Powder Mountain, and to all of our sponsors for helping to make this amazing weekend possible! 


Kc Fowls  -   
Grounds for Coffee  - Harrison Blvd  25th St   @groundsforcoffee25thstreet
Gnarwalls -   @gnarwalls 



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