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Getting Snow? - 2016-2017 US Winter Weather Predictions

by Virginia Buechel on October 04, 2016

It's that time of year again when Pumpkin Spice Lattes are filling our cups and Christmas songs seem to start WAY too early. But what's more exciting is the prediction for the winter weather forecast for the US from the Farmer's Almanac for the 2016-2017 Winter season. Before we jump into the predictions for the snow season coming up, we need to cover what the difference between El Niño and La Niña are because it plays a large part on our winter weather.

What is the difference between El Niño and La Niña?

Last year the west section of the country was blessed with constant snow fall for some great riding and skiing, but unlike the previous winter that was ravaged with snow, the Northeast was begging for snow all winter. As a New Jersey resident and a frequent visitor of New England it was a rough year to say the least. Compared to my 54 days on snow in the 2014-2015 season, I only got in 24 in 2015-2016.

A main reason for that drastic change in snow was due to the El Niño effect in the weather system. So what is El Niño you ask? El Niño is when there is warming of the surface water in the Pacific Ocean. This change in temperature directly affects the weather system over North America. When the warmer air is in the Northern Hemisphere like Canada and northern/western America, it causes less moisture and higher temperatures. During the 2015-2016 Winter season, there was a significant El Niño effect which caused milder temperatures in the Northeast and less snow.

Unlike last year's weather predictions, many sources are claiming we are going to see La Niña effect across North America for the 2016-2017 Winter season. This is the opposite of El Niño, which means the surface water temperature is lower and therefore brings a colder winter to the Northern Hemisphere and thus producing colder temperatures for Canada and the Northern section of the US.

What are the 2016-2017 Winter Weather Predictions?

Luckily this season for me, the La Niña effect is being predicted for this winter so the Northeast may be getting some more snow than last year (which isn't that hard to do!). Below are the breakdowns for each region of the United States and their Winter Weather predictions for 2016-2017.

Pacific Northwest

This Winter the Pacific Northwest is predicted to see a Mild & Stormy winter. This could be a typical rainy season for the region, but in the higher elevations, the promise of storms could mean some good snow fall for the mountains.


The Southwest Winter is shaping up to be a Balmy & Wet season. So unlike last season with abundant snow fall, there may be some more mild wintry conditions this winter in the higher elevations.


The Midwest Winter season seems like they are going to be seeing some Freezing Cold Temps & Average Snowfall. For those that are venturing to the mountains this season, be sure to layer up with some warm gear before you hit the slopes.


In the South region it looks like Cold Temperatures & Wet Conditions will be hitting the region hard this Winter season.

Great Lakes

In the Great Lakes Region this Winter, the Numbing Cold & Snow will be coming on with full force this season. So be sure to warm up and get those shovels ready for the snow!


The Southeast region is expected to have Cold Conditions & Wet weather this Winter season. So for those who are looking to ski and board in the region you may have some luck at high elevations for some snow.


My home region the Northeast, is expected to have an Ice Cold & Snow Filled Winter season in 2016-2017. *jumps for joy* This is much welcomed news for a region that saw almost no snow last season following a record-setting winter the previous year.

2016-2017 Winter Weather Prediction for US

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Happy Winter Weathering! Hope You Get Your Winter Weather Fill!

By SheShreds Ambassador: Virginia Buechel



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