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16 Snowboards That Every Girl Wants

by Kelly Vance on November 25, 2016


Whether you'd like to build up your quiver, or you mostly just ride one thing, every woman has different things they look for in a new snowboard purchase.

To help you find the perfect snowboard, we've reviewed the best women's snowboards of 2016-17. Our gear experts teamed up with our crew of hundreds of female shredders to bring you a unique list featuring the favorites from a wide range of female snowboarders.  

Top Women's All-Mountain Snowboards for 2017

Top all mountain snowboards for female riders

Although no snowboard can handle every type of terrain perfectly, our picks for the 2017 top women's all-mountain snowboards come close. These boards are designed to be quiver-killers, taking you from the park to the powder with ease, and are the best choice for the snowboarder on a budget. 

2017 Gnu B-Pro

This aggressive all-mountain/freestyle women's board is poppy and playful... and it has RAINBOW UNICORNS. So, I mean, hard to go wrong there. This is a medium flex board with Gnu's C3 BTX Rocker/Camber profile, which is designed for pop and aggressive riding, and is recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. Gnu also has an amazing record for eco-friendly manufacturing practices. 

Ambassador Rae Powis says:

"I've never ridden it in conditions it's felt unsuited to...

...from the park to power to piste. It also has Magne-traction edges so can hold an edge like a dream."

Just right for: An aggressive and experienced rider looking for all-mountain freestyle performance. This board has a medium flex and is super fun for fast carves, pipe, and the big jump line.  It's not ideal for a beginner rider, or for someone primarily interested in jibbing. 

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2017 Niche Sonnet

The board of choice for our founder, Gina Duffy, this all-mountain board is versatile enough for all types of terrain.  It's great for steeps and powder, but still has enough pop and flex to hit the park when the powder is scarce.  This board has a multi-camber profile, featuring a mix of reverse camber and traditional camber for poppy fun, and a traction system for good edge control on ice. 

Gina loves the lightweight feel and the zippy ride.

"It's a super aggressive and nimble board when you want to get real tight in the trees."

Just right for: A hard-charging rider who wants to shred it up in the trees and powder, but still needs the versatility to hit up the park on occasion.

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2017 Bataleon Push Up

A favorite of our social media manager, Kelly, the Push Up is an all-mountain slayer and very fun ride. Although it's rated as medium flex, this board is on the stiffer side for a women's board, and excels on technical steep runs, and in powder and slush.  This board has traditional camber, with a triple base at the tip and tail, which gives it a loose feel and amazing float in powder.  The tip and tail are also softer, allowing for some butterability while the stiffness underfoot lends stability on steeper terrain. 

"I just love the Triple Base, it's the gives this board perfect balance of fun and stability." 

Just right for: An aggressive rider who wants something stiff enough to perform on freeride terrain, balanced with fun and flex for freestyle features all over the mountain. 

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2017 Burton Feelgood Flying V


The Feelgood's hybrid rocker profile is designed to give you the stability and edge control of camber, with the play and loose feel of rocker, so that you can treat the whole mountain as your park.  Ambassador Stacy Pokrywka loved how it performed:

"Its really an all-mountain board for the more intermediate to advanced boarder."

The board excels on groomers, where you won't feel any chatter, and also in powder - where the rocker profile and slightly setback stance give you lots of float.  The board also has lots of pop for jumps and natural features, but may not be ideal as a strictly park board due to it's stiffness. 

Just right for: An experienced rider looking for something that does well in the powder and on jumps.  There's also a camber version of this board for riders who prefer a more aggressive, carvy ride. 

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2017 Rossignol Justice

 Offering a well-rounded snowboard at a reasonable price is tough for manufacturers, but Rossignol has nailed it with the Justice.  The rocker-camber profile and magne-traction give it a fun and versatile all-mountain/freestyle ride.  It's a bit on the stiff side of a medium flex, and those who prefer a softer flex may find it torsionally too stuiff, but it makes up for that in pop!

"It excels on jumps, where it pops like a dream!" 

Just right for: someone looking for a solid all-mountain freestyle board that won't break the bank. 

Top Women's Park Snowboards for 2017

the best park boards for female riders

Whether it's hard for you to think of anything but park laps upon park laps, or you just need a park board to add to your quiver, these snowboards will be perfect for you. Our crew riders shared their favorite picks for women's park snowboards and why they loved them.

2017 Capita Space Metal Fantasy

The Space Metal Fantasy is a park lover's dream, especially with it's affordable price point.  This board has zero camber underfoot, with reverse camber past the inserts, creating a catch-free ride that still has enough stability to hit jump lines without a struggle. Reviewers definitely singled this out as a park board, and though it's stiff enough to play a bit on the rest of the mountain, it's best for a park rider looking to progress.

Ambassador Grace Hiljus calls it:

"Perfect for a park rider."

The medium soft flex is stable enough for jumps, but Grace liked it best for buttering: "It's really great with presses and spins!"

Just right for: This is a favorite board of park riders looking to take their riding to the next level.  

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2017 Niche Minx

A park board with some all-mountain chops, the Minx was a favorite of several of our ambassadors.  This softer, flat camber board has a fun and playful flex, but backs that up with a solid level of pop.  Although it excels at presses and jibs, our crew riders also felt it performed decently all over the mountain, including in powder.  The eco-friendly construction will also put your heart at ease. 

Ambassador Marci Sherman loves her Minx,

"It has the perfect amount of flex and pop, so it's amazing in the park!" 

Ambassador Adele Zeh rides the Minx all around the mountain, and enjoys the feel of the board as well as the durability: "I've put mine through the ringer, landed on rocks, hit it with park rakes, features and it's been thrown around a snow cat, and I have no core shots, or scratches."

Just right for: A fantastic choice for a park rider who also likes to venture into the powder and trees.  

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2017 Bataleon Distortia

Bataleon's Triple Base Technology is designed to offer the best of both worlds: the loose, catch-free feel of a jib board, with the carvability and pop of camber.  The Distortia has a mellowed out camber, a medium-soft flex, and a lifted base profile that starts just after the binding inserts that create a buttery feel, and smoothness on rails.  This board is stiffer than most of the park boards we've reviewed, so it's not ideal for someone who loves a super soft flex, but it performs better than most at carving and all-mountain riding.  The 3BT can take a little getting used to, but has the added benefit of amazing float in powder, and it powers through chunder like it's not even there.
Ambassador Marina Sanchez loves her Distortia,

"It definitely slays in the park and is very forgiving...

... but don’t deny it's versatility! Go from park to pow to corduroy effortlessly!"  

Just right for: Intermediate to advanced park riders who want to hit jumps and jibs with confidence... and still love their powder.

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2017 Salomon Gypsy

The award-winning Salomon Gypsy was another top pick for park from our ambassadors.  The Gypsy has Salomon's "Rock Out" camber which is flat between the bindings, with a small section of camber underfoot, and a rocker tip and tail for presses and butters.   This design gives it some of the edge control of a traditionally cambered board, but with a looser feel.  The rocker profile also gives it good float in powder.  This board is a favorite of pro rider Desiree Melancon. 

Ambassador Catrin Butler says:

"It is super soft and flexy which is awesome in the park and has lots of pop."

Just right for: a rider looking for a park board that still butters like a dream, but has the pop and stability to handle bigger jump lines. 

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2017 K2 Lime Lite 


Soft and playful all throughout the edge as well as torsionally, this board is a top pick for the park. It's flat between the bindings and rocker with "Tweakend" technology (k2's proprietary rocker design) at the nose and tail. The wide shape of the nose and tail provide a solid base for jibbing in the park, according to ambassador Caity Schneider

"Nailing any butter or press you desire comes with ease. Exceptional on rails, boxes and jibs."

Popping with this board is good but not great, because the board is so soft. It also performs well on smaller jumps. The lightweight allows for easy spinning, however may lack stability off bigger park jumps. Though it is primarily a freestyle board, it could do some damage on that unexpected powder day. As an all mountain board, the LimeLite holds it's own, but because of its soft and playful nature is not  ideal on steeps, or on chopped up and/or slushy snow. It also wouldn't be my first choice for carving.  But if you're looking for a board to have fun and progress your park skills with, the LimeLite is a solid choice.

Just right for: those who love rails, buttering down runs, and side hits.

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Top Women's Beginner & Intermediate Snowboards for 2017

best women's snowboards for beginners

For all of the ladies out there who dream big but are just starting out, these snowboards are perfect. Pairing forgiving flex and easy to ride camber profiles, these boards are designed with progression in mind.  Here are our picks for the 2017 top women's snowboards for beginner/intermediate riders.  

2017 Gnu B-Nice

This soft, progression friendly board also comes at a great price point.  

Ambassador Morgan Way has loved the B Nice to for progressing her riding: " I love the Be-nice because it's a good progression board and a rocker-camber hybrid. Also the magne-traction is ideal for the ice coast." Ambassador Noelle Sanders agrees, and also loves that Gnu's parent company Mervin is:

"One of the most eco friendly companies on the market."

Just right for: a beginner to intermediate rider looking for a fun and easy board to progress on. This is a great first board!

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2017 Arbor POParazzi

This medium-soft all-mountain freestyle board comes in at a fantastic price point, making it an ideal choice for beginner to intermediate riders looking for their first board, or for something that'll help them progress. 
One of our more stiff and stable picks for beginners, this board performs well on ice, with a special sidecut designed to grip into hard snow, and does surprisingly well at speed.

Ambassador Kayla Findish shared her thoughts:

"I absolutely love it. It’s a good beginner-intermediate board, which is perfect for me!"

Just right for: a beginner to intermediate rider who wants a board with a bit more stiffness to it, but still enough forgiveness to encourage progression. 

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2017 Burton Socialite

This flexy and forgiving board is a favorite for beginner to advanced riders looking to progress into the park.  It's super flexy and buttery, with scooped nose and tail for a buttery and catch-free feel. The flat camber profile and a special edge design make this board decent for all-mountain riding despite the soft flex, although if steeps are your passion, this is not the board for you. Beginners will find this board comfortable and easy to turn, while jibbers will love the buttery and playful feel.  

Ambassador Hayley Steed says: 

I absolutely love it! It's really soft and playful.

Just right for: A beginner to advanced rider looking for a flexy, loose feel, easy turn initiation and buttery softness.  

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Top Women's Big Mountain Snowboards for 2017

If you're a hard charging rider always on the hunt for a pow stash, this is the list for you.  These boards are designed to be floaty in powder and hold their own on the steepest terrain.  Here are our picks for the 2017 Top Women's Powder and Big Mountain Snowboards:

Jones Twin Sister

Designed for the freeride sister who looks for the most creative lines on the mountain, the Jones Twin Sister offers a nice balance of freeride performance of freesyle fun, so you can hit those log jibs and wind lips with confidence.  This board features a traditional camber underfoot, for performance and stability, with rocker past the inserts to add a little play and butterability. It has a twin shape, with a slight setback to save your back leg in the powder. This board is super fun all over the mountain, has good float in the powder, and can be ridden in the park, although it wouldn't be ideal for a jibber. 

Ambassador Roksane Hirschi loves her Twin Sister,

"With a freeride soul and freestyle shape it's perfect for both."  

Just right for: A hard charging rider who prefers a stiffer board with a bit of freestyle fun thrown in. 

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2017 K2 Wildheart 

With a surf-inspired feel, and all mountain versatility, this snowboard, designed with input from Leanne Pelosi is a short and nimble board designed to float in the powder. So much fun for side hits and wind lips, this board dominates in natural freestyle terrain.  The camber portion of the profile, plus the wider shape allows it to ride like a much longer board.  Expect it to be a bit slower from edge to edge - this board is recommended for more experienced riders.

A great choice for riders who love to play all over the mountain, but especially value good float in the powder. 

Just right for: riders who love a good pow slash as much as catching air off a cornice. This board is on the stiffer side, but has the float of a longer board, allowing you to maneuver in tight spaces such as trees. 

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2017 Arbor Swoon

Arbor's iconic big all-mountain powder comes in a camber, rocker, and splitboard options. For the best float in powder, and a more freestyle feel, try the rocker version, while the camber version is more stable and poppy on steeps. 

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