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My Addiction...Wakeboarding - Blog Post by Ambassador Marlijn Vorstenbosch (Netherlands)

by Gina Duffy on August 11, 2014

“The next line is for you! Flex all your muscles! Keep the handle close to your hip!”

*SPLASH*...I crashed again!

My first experience with wakeboarding was last summer and it was an exhausting one! During my first session I had lots of wipe outs. For more than one hour I was more in the water than on the water. In the end I was able to stand on my board for about 25 seconds.

I definitely wasn’t a natural, but somehow, despite all the crashes, I got addicted to wakeboarding from that day! The day after my first wakeboard session I could hardly move. All of my muscles were sore but I had to go back to the cablepark to shred again. The second day I had more success and I was able to make my rounds through the park.

Before wakeboarding I have been playing a team sport all of my life, I played field hockey in my home country The Netherlands for twenty years. The adventure of wakeboarding was something completely new for me.  This was something that triggered me! To me it felt like a new challenge...a challenge that I have fully accepted. The thing I love about wakeboarding is that I can still learn so much and that I have the result of a good or bad shredding session completely in my own hands. When I crash I can’t blame anyone else it was my own fault. But when I land a new trick I also did it completely by myself and it feels as a victory. When I am wakeboarding I have to push myself to get better every session, I know what I want to do and what my heart tells me I can do.

But for me wakeboarding is not only about pushing my limits, it also gives me an awesome free feeling when I am standing on my board. To be outside and to be in nature is huge for me. The sound of my board carving through the water is amazing. But most of all I love the feeling and the sound of my board hitting an obstacle. When I am on my board I think about nothing else as the water, my board and the obstacles I want to hit. This is why I love to shred in busy periods. On the water I am able to clear my mind. After each shredding session I have the feeling that I have been on a short holiday and I have tons of new energy. This feeling is not only caused by the feeling that I have on the water but also definitely by the good vibes and the nice people that are always around the cableparks where I shred. In the beginning the individuality of a sport like wakeboarding was a bit strange to me. But in the end everyone is after the same thing...the fun, the excitement, pushing the limits and just have an awesome time. This is why I love to visit a lot of different cable parks. I love traveling and I love it to meet new people so visiting cable parks in different countries is a good combination!

This summer I decided to move playing field hockey to a lower pitch and start wakeboarding more and more. Learning new tricks, getting to know new cable parks and making new shredding friends all over the world, that’s were it is all about....

Will I miss playing field hockey?! I’m not sure, maybe I will miss the adrenaline of scoring goals, my teammates and the tension before a big match. But landing a new trick to me is best feeling in the world, it compares to the feeling of scoring the winning goal in a really important field hockey match so as long as I can shred with my SheShreds sisters I think I will be fine!

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by Briana Tailar on June 26, 2019

Hello, Marlijn Vorstenbosch! I read your article and stayed very impressed. There is definitely something to learn about Wakeboard. I want to ask you which model can be used for beginners in this challenge. Thanks!


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