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The Sisterhood of Shredding - A Blog by Ambassador Natalie Graham

by Gina Duffy on August 11, 2014

I live about 165 miles from the lake and I only get to the lake about once a week.  When I think of the shreddin’  so much comes to mind:  the excitement of being on my board, the adrenaline that courses through my veins as I huck my body to try new tricks, and ultimately the thrill of landing a new trick!  

But, there’s more…in fact the most important part of shredding and that is the camaraderie amongst riders!  The sport of wakeboarding is a family.  It’s a sport that encourages each other to participate, to progress, and to enjoy the company of others. Sure we speak in terms that are a little weird:  “that was a sick mute roll to revert!” but if you forgot your rope, or your bindings broke, or heck even if you boat ran out of gas - we are there for one another to lend a hand: to share equipment, lend a screwdriver, or give you a pull.  We’re here for each other.     

Find out what shreddin’ means to you.  Get out there and embody your shred!  Whatever that is to you, whether it be skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, or simply embracing an attitude to live Life to the fullest!!  Find that inner passion and shred like you’ve never shred before!!   


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