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Celebrating Dads Who Shred - Part 1

by Kelly Vance on June 14, 2016

What makes a great Dad?  For the week of Father's Day, we're celebrating all of you Dads out there who take the time to teach your daughters awesome things.  Whether it's pushing their limits in action sports, or just getting outside and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer, these are lifelong lessons that'll be so important to your daughters as they grow up. 

We asked our ambassadors to share their favorite Dad stories featuring snowboarding, wakeboarding, skiing and more.  Read some of their inspiring stories below - and check back later in the week for Part 2, featuring even more! 

Aliza Capen

I started my favorite sports with my dad. I learned how to wakeboard with my dad. Skateboard, and when I was younger I learned how to ride 4 wheelers with my dad. I appreciate him teaching me how to do extreme sports instead of the team sports knowing it would stick with me. 

Jenna Malcolm

My dad is the one who first taught me how to wakeboard!  He's always encourages & supports me through all my training & at all my competitions no matter what place I come in.   Without him I wouldn't even be in this sport, words can't even describe how thankful I am for him.


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Kira Martinez

When I was young my dad taught me how to ride a dirt bike. He taught me on a little Honda 50cc, he would let me sit on the front of the seat and slowly let me control the gas. Eventually I learned how to use the throttle and brakes on my own. The memory of my dad teaching me how to ride a dirt bike is something I hold very close to me, it's how we connected. When ever I crashed he was always there to make sure I'm okay, but he also taught me if I wanna hang with the boys I gotta be tough and that even though I was a girl in a male dominated sport it didn't mean anything, I could do anything I want as long as I put my mind to it.

My dad also taught me how to fish, I have fun memories of going into the mountains with my dad and fishing. I had a traumatic fishing experience as a young child, while reeling in a fish and pulling it out of the water and holding it up it slapped me in the face. Ever since then I've never liked to touch fish, so when we go fishing now he still has to put the worm on the hook and anytime I catch a fish he has to take if off the hook.

My dad has taught me a lot more than how to ride a dirt bike and fish, he's taught me so many life lessons and never said "no" to a new sport I wanted to try just cause I was a girl. He did it all as a single father too.


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Jenn Locavara

My dad taught me a lifestyle, and from that, came the sports. We grew up outdoors--camping, canoeing, hiking, traveling. Out of that grew passion, drive, and courage to seek out every possible challenge, and I see the ripple effect of those early experiences every day. It's all from him.

Every year me, him, and my daughter chose a new country to explore and spend two weeks crossing things off our buckets lists. To name a few, we've hiked glaciers in Norway, snorkled and cliff jumped between tectonic plates in Iceland, sandboarded the world's largest dunes in Namibia, did the world's longest commercial rappel in South Africa, went snowquading in Patagonia, and abseiled into a cave in New Zealand. He's a badass who never quits and I owe my dream life to him 

Grace Hiljus

When I used to ski I started with my dad. He bought me skis and took me to the hill. He helped me learn turns and how to stop. Every time I fell he would help me up. Every once in awhile we would end up throwing snow balls at each other. It was so much fun and made us both so happy.


Natalie Graham

My dad died before I got into wakeboarding...BUT, I'll say the "boating bug" was started by my dad. We owned a boat and had access to better boats as kids. We fished, tubed, and waterskiied back in the 80's so it makes sense that I got into towed watersports as a direct result of his interest in boating.


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Ava Cook

My dad started me snowboarding when I was five. He takes me to many ski hills every year, and always takes me to competitions. My Dad even rides in the terrain park so we can learn new tricks together. When I wanted to start skateboarding he got me the boards and helped me learn how to ride. He is also very supportive no matter what. Thank you for supporting me Dad, I love you.


Hayley Steed

My dad took me camping and fishing when I was really little and it taught me that I could do "boy" things too! I think that's what made me love being outdoors so much!


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