June 2016 Ambassador of the Month: Erin Eblen (OH)

by Gina Duffy on June 01, 2016



We had quite a few nominations for Ambassador of the Month for June, highlighting the amazing accomplishments and heart shown by all of the ladies in our crew.  Our winner Erin Eblen stood out for qualities that we think is key in all shredders: INITIATIVE & BUILDING COMMUNITY. Erin came up with the idea to create a safe and open place for our ambassadors to chat and get to know each other, and implemented it quickly and with huge success.  Ambassador Marcel Sanchez nominated her, and loves that Erin has shown that she  "has the intention to bring us all closer together and have a cyber laugh."  


This seemingly small act has created a stronger sense of community among our ambassador crew, and has allowed ladies that live oceans away from each other to bond and build lifelong friendships.  Thanks to Erin for taking the time to bring us all a little closer together! 

We also wanted to share some of the other nominations, because we are thrilled to have each and every one of these ladies involved in our ambassador program. 

These ladies represent RAD, COOL, COMPASSIONATE and KIND very well.

Natalie Graham was appreciated for her passion and willingness to share her knowledge.  "She is always so helpful, and is getting out there and shredding hard and showing her dedication."  - Jenna Malcolm.


Georgia Goodman was nominated after taking the time to share a blog on mental health awareness.  "I think the blog post she made was really brave, as the topic often has a lot of stigma surrounding it.  She is also really friendly and kind, and she has made my short time as an ambassador really positive." - Elly Tso



Abigail Berg inspired a nomination with pure joy she shows in her snowboard edits. "When I saw it, I just wanted to grab my board and try all of those tricks as well.  Thanks to her, i remind myself that i need to get more confident and push myself to gain the awesome seconds of pure happiness which you get after trying a new trick!" - Hanna Koloszyc



Meg Krofcheck was nominated because of her perseverance through an injury. "She's super awesome, and although she's going through  a bit of a rough patch right now, she's still kicking ass!"  - Georgia Goodman


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by Jake on June 03, 2016

Let’s go Erin


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