Q & A: Ambassador Sydnee Evans & Good Vibes Jewelry

December 11, 2017

Q & A: Ambassador Sydnee Evans & Good Vibes Jewelry

By Joanna Brashear

Ambassador Sydnee Evans and her company Good Vibes Jewelry has been a long time sponsor of our event series, and we're stoked to have her back and involved in our newest event series, the SheShreds Jamboree at Powder Mountain.  This will take place the first Saturday of the month in February and March and include a competition and tons of other fun activities ... plus Good Vibes Jewelry!   Read up on Sydnee and what she's all about: 

Tell us about Good Vibes Jewelry. How did it start?

It all started with my first energy reading. I wanted to be more in tune with myself spiritually and began to carry crystals in my pocket or keep them around me in my living area. Then one day I went target shooting and kept some of the .22 caliber casings, when I put my clear quartz crystal inside it fit perfectly! Dozens of prototypes later I ended up just liking the clean look of the metal/stone ratio and that I had actually shot the bullets I was wearing and I wasn't damaging the crystals by using the casings.

What are "Good Vibes"?

Good Vibes means being able to carry or wear an energy around with you that will help keep your vibrations high.

What does the company mean to you, the owner?

It means the world to me! How often do we have great ideas then dismiss them? Or feel like the idea isn't good enough, or to out there? Then we become stuck in a routine of someone else's idea of success or the way life should go. I am happy that it is something I truly believe in and wear everyday and that I love to share with others. I get the best feedback from making doubters believe that they actual feel a difference when they have a real energy filled crystal/stone on them versus off. They tell me, “I don't want to take this thing off"! Then it taps them into feeding themselves spiritually and seeking their own truth and path in life. What they are drawn to and what chakras need balancing, and how to better deal with the negatives in life.

What kind of materials do you use? 

Everything is centered around my crystals and stones. I love Mother Earth so much and love wearing beautiful pieces of her heart filled for me! I try out all sorts of ways to make them wearable and still sleek and cool with just about any outfit. The metals I use are affordable for me, which makes it affordable for everyone.

Anything in particular about the brand we should know?

Last night two of my dear friends were sharing their thoughts about my jewelry and their perspective of me. I covered my face and couldn't handle all the nice things they were saying. That energy and love is just overwhelming sometimes and I can't take it. We laughed and we decided that is what my brand is wrapped up into one word: Contagious! That positive energy is contagious, laughing is contagious and making an effort to compliment others fills a room with high vibrations. I want everyone to feel a little bit better, progress in their own way and spread love.

What is it like to be a part of SheShreds.co?

Well, that's easy! It is amazing! All I was doing was loving being out on the mountain and having fun snowboarding with my friends, it was then that the opportunity arose to be a part of a company that builds other women up. I felt like it fit so perfectly with what I was also doing. I am so grateful to have met such amazing people that inspire me! SheShreds.co is founded on love and support in my eyes and who wouldn't want to be a part of that!

I hear you’re a pretty rad woman! What do you do when you’re not making jewelry?

HaHa. Well thanks! I usually am trying to fit every single thing into one day. Work hard and play harder is my motto. I love activities in any form. My favorite is snowboarding. I also enjoy rock climbing, yoga, hiking, camping.... The list goes on! I feel like I just have a mindset on things that I can do it. I have tried and failed so much in my life so far, I just tell myself “Well, you’re not good at it yet, but you will be soon". Once I am locked in and focused on becoming better, it just happens. Physical activity is my therapy, if I can overcome challenges physically I feel as if my mood is boosted and my mind is clear from negative thoughts. Letting go of fear is what helps me excel. Move forward always, even if you fail. Just don't give up!

What does being an ambassador for SheShreds.co mean to you?

It means I can meet the coolest girls around! This season of snowboarding has seriously been the best one I have ever had. All of the encouragement, love, and support has been unreal! I love being a part of a group of girls and women who get it! Who love the same things I love. Who are all unique and talented in their own way.


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