Taylor McCullough / Professional Wakeboarder

"When I was 3 ½ years old I put on my first pair of training skis. I got my first wakeboard for Christmas in 2003… and I’ve loved the sport ever since! I’m 17 years old. My hair is blonde . And I’m about 5’7”. But when I’m doing an Indy Tantrum (my favorite trick, by the way), I feel a thousand feet tall. And the only way to soar that high and still stand strong is to work hard every day.


I am currently a senior in high school. But when I’m not strapped to books, I’m strapped to my wakeboard. From about April to November, a typical day for me includes eating breakfast, heading out on the boat for a morning set, hanging out at the house, going out to lunch, then riding at the cable and hanging out with friends. In the evening I usually make dinner for my friends and roommates, then go to sleep and and do it all again. I typically like to try and go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. And in the off-season… wait, who am I kidding? There is NO off-season — I ride all year long. Now, I live and wakeboard in Orlando, Florida and have been blessed to have won 4 World Championship titles. My goals for 2016 are to make finals at every event, work hard on new tricks, and hopefully make podium at most events in 2016. I plan to travel as much as I can and be able to experience many different places."