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Our 2015 Top Picks:  Team Athlete & Ambassador Approved

Diamonds are  girls best friend especially for the female ripper on the smaller side.

Phase 5 Diamond LUV Wake Surf Board

The board of choice for the current women's World Championship's bronze medalist  Jodi Grassman. The Luv has helped take Jodi from an amature rider two years ago to a World Championship Podium finish in 2014, we are very confident it will work well for you also

The Luv is a scaled down version of the Danielo Diamond and the most popular women's skim board we sell.  It is geared toward smaller riders. This Luv was a huge success in 2014 with the lady riders like Jodi Grassman who took her riding from a novice in 2013 to a podium finish as a Pro at this years World Championships. The LUV is specially decked out with its own graphics and specially designed Performance Pad to set itself apart from the Danielo Diamond

Built with the same perfect blend of High Perfromance design and top-of-the-line exclusive Phase 5 composite technology found in the Danielo Diamond, the Luv comes standard with a 3/4" core, Carbon fiber Wrap and 1" fin. This is truly the best board you can stick under those "little feet" to enable them to advance quickly to their highest level of performance.



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