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Gina Duffy, Founder

Discovering an affinity for adrenaline sports and fashion at a young age it only makes sense that Gina Duffy would establish this community, movement and brand elevating it to the impact point of today for women and girls in action sports. Gina found herself “inspired” in 2013 having relocated her life with her husband from Chicago to the side of Powder Mountain in Utah to pursue outdoor recreation as “full time” as possible. She saw clearly inequities for females in all seasons and not a lot of brand support, so she decided to do something about it and was born.



Gina’s simple explanation of the brand mantra and mission is this: “ is for you if you are a serious athlete or just seriously stoked on action and adventure sports.” Now boasting a global community of participating ladies of all ages and sports galore from boards to bikes to hang gliding, equestrian and more, behind the curtain is a profound experience and sisterhood for the community involved. Outward facing, has sponsored hundreds of female focused events across the world and divisions for females to create “place” and “purpose” for women and girls in these male dominated sports. It is a movement and that movement grows.

As a brand has been a direct to consumer juggernaut featuring everything from swimwear to custom cut and sew technical winter apparel, all with direct input from the growing ambassador community addressing what they really want and need. The brand has found its way to the shelves of Zumiez stores in the past year and more significant retailers are coming forward to feature it as a driver for this evolving culture that is not to be ignored.

Why Gina? Why not? Passion drives her, and eclectic professional experience and leadership takes the grand experiment forward. Her work history is diverse with stretches into destination hospitality, global brand development, fashion brand expansion, corporate communication strategy, lifestyle & event marketing, talent styling and more. Recent recognition and assumed roles in developing includes being named to the “30 Women to Watch” list by Utah Business Magazine, being named a “Client of the Year Success Story” by the Utah Small Business Development Council, being named a “Rising Star” by the National Association of Women Business Owners-Utah along with a myriad of speaking engagements at universities, civic engagements, board seats and mentorships as a voice for women. Her work, work ethic and voice are of growing intention, impact and advancement for all around her. 








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