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“After buying my first Vogue magazine at age 12, I was hooked on fashion. After riding my first kneeboard at 14, I was hooked on action sports. After stealing my brother’s skateboard when he wasn’t home and his Skateboarder Magazines in the mid-80’s, I was hooked on the culture and the entire music, art and fashion scene it created. Little did I know that one day, there would be an entire category for the adrenaline-filled, off-the-wall sports and lifestyle. Fast forward a few decades and I’m even more in love with my action sports: snowboarding, wakeboarding, wake surfing, surfing, SUP’ing, mountain biking, off-roading. And I still won’t give up my style when I’m out there doing my thing. You should always be expressing yourself and your personal style, especially when you are out there shredding.
Shred on sisters... shred on!” – Gina Duffy
With over 15 years of experience in the luxury hospitality and lifestyle marketing industries, Gina is the driving force behind Gina’s recent roles in support of chief executives for lifestyle and direct marketing agencies KBA and DraftFCB, keep her on the leading edge of trends and activations in these elusive disciplines. These platforms, along with her gift for environmental design, fashion design, and talent styling make for innovative and insightful leadership of this new venture. One of her most recent accomplishments was as a team member establishing the first ever U.S. store for Italian luxury outerwear brand, Moncler in Aspen, CO.

Embedded in Gina’s career history is a well-developed expertise in corporate communication software pillars, presentation materials development, consumer destination management, Human Resources, and project field staff development management.

Living in a pristine mountain valley in Utah, years of experience riding almost any kind of board, and being a partner in as a wakeboard/wakesurf coach and event marketing consultant have all been driving forces in the development of this exciting venture. Gina’s professional history, combined with her trendsetting style, athletic drive and passion for all that is “pre-pop” anchor her in the action sports retail and lifestyle realm.
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