Why You Should Drop Everything Right Now and Go To the Mountains

by Erika Vikander on June 13, 2017

by Ambassador Andrea Davis

As an action sport enthusiast, the mountains are a place that I feel comfort. I feel an enigmatic sense of liberation. My worries seem to melt away and my thoughts are heightened. When life is stressing us out, we forget how beautiful the world around us really is. Next time you’re bumming out, or not feeling your best, get outside! Mountains are a great place to let go of your troubles and find your inner peace again.


The fresh air, the trees, the wildlife, the sensation of being somewhere bigger than myself. It's where I can temporarily put my troubles aside and righteously embrace the unknown. I can slow down, take a step back from my hectic life and truly appreciate the world for it's natural symmetry. For me, mountains symbolize uninhabited territory and exhibit how small we truly are in this monumental world. It helps me realize how insignificant my problems are. There is so much undiscovered beauty in this vast world.


Mountains are a place that I associate with peace and tranquility as well as intensity and exertion. Pushing myself to new limits and overcoming my fears are a big part of why I love being in the mountains. There is so much danger and underlying mystery to be found, yet it's a place where I feel a strong sense of sanctuary.


Mountains, and nature in general, possess power to heal the spirit. Connecting with the natural world in so many extraordinary ways can be therapeutic for the soul. Energy that radiates within the mountains is truly soothing.

Learn to have faith in the power of natural healing. The fresh air, cool breeze, and aerial peaks are my way to get my body's energy back in balance. It's where I'm able to truly find peace of mind.

Find your happy place, and go there often.




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