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What Does 'Fate Loves the Fearless Mean to You?

by Aaron McNeilis on July 20, 2019

A phrase that really resonates with many action sports enthusiasts, 'Fate Loves the Fearless' is a favorite mantra of SheShreds fans and athletes, but what does it really mean? Let's break it down.

Fearless or Fear Less? 

In situations of true danger, fear is a natural and healthy response.  But all too often, we let irrational fears stop us from doing things that we want to do, that we know we can do.  Fear of failure.  Fear of change.  Fear of embarrassment.  Fear that you are not good enough. When you make a conscious choice to push back against these types of limiting fears, you begin to fear less. 

And Then Fate Steps In... 

But why does Fate Love the Fearless?  Those who choose not to let fear control them live richer, fuller lives.  The successes reached from taking more risks push them further than those who do not do so.  The failures provide learning experiences, and teach them that failure isn't something to fear.  

What do action sports athletes have to say about 'Fate Loves the Fearless'?  We asked our ambassadors.



Fearlessness is not the absence of fear but being able to look your fears in the face and overcome them. You are able to push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to achieve your best self, to find out how far you can go, or to see the impossible become possible. 

- Rachel Wasworth, Dirt Biking, Mountain Biking

For me it’s simply the opportunities that can arrive as a result of pushing out side your comfort zone.
I never thought I would get as far as I did biking, but I kept doing what I love, I kept improving, and now I achieve things I didn’t know I could ever do.

- Nett Deacon, Mountain Biking

For me it has to do with a real lack of fear. 'Fate Loves the Fearless' is my mantra as I don't experience fear like most. My rules keep me safe and if that fails fate will pick me up. I am fearless in the air and fate will look after me to keep me safe.

- Kitty Egelman, Paragliding


I'd say it means when you do the things you're scared of, life will reward you in ways you never imagined.

- Renee Ignacio, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking

One thing we do in Ninjitsu is push the comfort zone. It's a known fact in my class I hate jumping off things. I was terrified during a recent seminar where we were jumping about 5 feet to the ground. I can't jump off a 6 foot rock into water either! But I did it, scared and all. It didn't make me feel empowered by any means, but it showed me my fear (whatever it might be) didn't happen. So I always try to remind myself of that now when we do anything that makes me uncomfortable. These people wouldn't intentionally put in me in a place where I could get injured, so trust the process. Someday, 6 feet won't be scary.

- Lainey Severson, Autocross, Skiing, Ninjitsu


I think it is the inner power that helps us to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams no matter how big the steps are or how rocky the path is gonna be or how many time we have to defend ourselves from other people’s opinions.

- Inka Salmirinne, Dog Sledding




To me it is a reminder to constantly push yourself to try new things and get out of your comfort zone! I love the exhilarating feeling of conquering something new. To me, it also means not being afraid to fail and if you do, keep trying and practicing until you get it!

- Krysten Sullivan, Snowmobiling, Four Wheeling




If you overcome your fears you can reach your dream. By the fear I mean worries, anxiety, underestimating yourself, not trusting yourself and your skills. All of these fears hidden in your head are usually the biggest obstacle on your journey to reach your goal. Overcoming these and your find not only your goal but especially yourself and your potential.

- Valérie Vitoušová, Downhill Longboarding


 I am sure any one who i have helped on the hill or on the track has heard me say that courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome. Or for the little ones, it is OK to fear trying something new but don't let it stop you from trying!

- Laura Holm, BMX, Snowboarding, SUP


I like the idea that fearlessness is the ability to face and overcome fears in pursuit of your goals, as well as the willingness to try new things makes a person fearless, too.

- Natalie Graham, Wakeskating

Being fearless means taking chances and not letting your doubt get in your way. Fate is the writer of every chapter of our lives, whether we like it or not. Being fearless stands for our bravery being stronger than our insecurities, which is way fate craves and loves the fearless. Being fearless gives your fate a challenge, creates some obstacles and questions along the way, making it one heck of a journey in the end when you get the look back on the leaps of faith that you took, all while being exactly where fate meant for you to be.

- Jacqueline Perez, Snowboarding



Fear is the most natural feeling when you do something that’s new and different, whether it's adventurous or just a causal new thing. But for me Fate Loves the Fearless means even though I have the fear of dying or getting hurt  while paragliding/flying, I look beyond it to the positive thought of what I’d achieve and learn by flying, and who I will inspire with my actions. That's fearless. Knowing the adversities/danger and still following our passion will keep you humble and safe. That’s what FATE is. And sometimes things might not come the way you want but then you overcome and learn.

- Kanan Thakur, Paragliding

Maybe part of being fearless is acknowledging the fact that you feel different, or are treated differently, or that you feel a myriad of subtle and complicated barriers, but don't cow to those feelings...nor harden yourself against them because they don't belong to you.  Fearless is vulnerable, honest, strong, and free from external opinions.

- Jennifer Dickson, Snowmobiling, Dirtbiking



To me my fearlessness is blind. Once I decide something I can’t turn back. You would have to lock me up to stop me.

- Sarah Palmer, Snowmobiling, Dirtbiking

Tell your comfort zone to sit down cuz you’ve got sh*t to do! Always get up never stay down and never let that piece of your brain that tells you to stop, win ... ever. 

- Courtney Wyton



I think it’s being scared of going after something but doing it anyways! I’ve always heard that if you don’t put yourself out there you can’t achieve bigger goals and you’ll get “stuck”. This quote is so important to me 

- Hayley Sweeney




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