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Weekly Motivation by Jada Johannes - Staying Healthy

by Bold Apps on February 27, 2018

 Photo: Allie Huish

Weekly Motivation: Staying Healthy

By: Ambassador Jada Johannes

Hey Ladies! Todays blog is something a lot of you ask about or post on social media.  Whether you're struggling, wanting to be more informed, or just can’t find what works best for you, here are a few tips I love for meeting your healthy goals:


  • Staying healthy and sticking to a goal can be hard, but one way to keep yourself  on path that leads to positivity is by taking out the obstacles. What I mean by obstacles is challenges or things that continually keep pushing you away from a goal. You can avoid these obstacles by completely moving them out of the picture so you can’t see them and so they can’t taunt you. Another way would be to face your obstacle. Put it behind you and keep it there, don’t let it sneak up on you, keep making big steps forward so those obstacles get pushed farther and farther back.

Ambassador Kitty Egelman working through some obstacles after an injury. 

  • Mindset is another thing that can throw you off track when it comes to achieving your health goals. It’s easy to let yourself fall into doubt and  feel like you can’t do something. But hey! You can! Doubt is just a word. One way to keep a healthy mindset  is to follow some inspirational social media pages on facebook or instagram. Those pages can be daily reminders that you can and you will. You can also download an app that sends a daily motivational boost. Another way to be positive is delete toxins. When you remove negative people or objects from your life those open gaps can start to be filled with positive vibes.

Ambassador Rachel Wester decorates her work space with her favorite positive quotes for a mental boost during the day! 

Quick Tips:

  1. When you wake up in the morning make your bed, by doing this you start the day off by achieving something.
  2. Smile! Even if it’s hard smile, when you do so, endorphins release into your brain making you more energetic and happy.

Need some more tips?  Try this self-love checklist: 


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