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Trick Tips with Pro Wakeboarder Taylor McCullough

by Joanna Brashear on June 02, 2018

Welcome to our new weekly series that will help you step up your wakeboarding skills!

Each week, pro athlete Taylor McCullough will show us the building blocks of wakeboarding, from getting up on the board to landing a 360.    Taylor is an amazing rider and was 2017 WWA Overall World Womens Champ. She is sponsored by Centurion Boats, Jet Pilot Wake, Slingshot Wake and Hurricane Grill & Sports.

We are so stoked to have Taylor on our Pro Team and representing in the wakeboard world. Stay tuned for more Trick Tips with Taylor! 



Looking to ride the same set up as Taylor, She is riding the Slingshot Contrast and Slingshot Women's Jewel Bindings. These are a great intermediate riders set up and good for those beginners who progress fast.

Slingshot Wakeboard Package

All wakesports require a vest, depending on your location you may need a USCG approved vest, but generally you can use the more flexible and comfortable impact wake vests. This vest by Follow is longer in length than traditional vests and is much more forgiving with stretch fabric, while still keeping you afloat when needed. We highly recommend it!

Follow Pro Wake Vest




Suit up in style with our signature swim wear collection! From basic black to tropical, all our bikinis are reversible and modestly cut for a day on the lake. If your looking for a little more coverage we also have amazing surf shorts, they are the perfect length and material to keep you covered and dry on the boat. Check out more here: Jenna Tropical Bikini

Black Maggie Surf Shorts


Fearless Racerback Tank


 Keep your eyes protected from the glare of the water and those awful UV rays with our partner brand Smith sunglasses. They make a great product and support females in action adventure sports! 

Smith Sunnies

 Everyone needs a wet bikini bag, it keeps your clothes, camera, and other essentials dry with a place to store your wet bikini. We also use these to store our cell phones, papers, or anything else that might get wet and ruined.

Wet Bikini Bag



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