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Giving Thanks to Our Shred Sisters - Part 1

by Kelly Vance on November 25, 2019
This year we wanted to do something a little different, to show our gratitude and thank everyone for the last 6 years of connection. community, and incredible experiences.  We feel so thankful that we have been able to experience meeting and riding with so many of you, and hope many more will join us one day! 

The support that we've had from the community of women we work with is so inspiring, and I am grateful for it every day, but especially during our signature event, the SheShreds Jamboree.   It's my favorite weekend all year!  It's such an honor to have a chance to take the time to meet and ride with all of our ambassadors and fans who I've seen on social media all year, and share this wonderful mountain that we live at with everyone!
 - Gina Duffy, SheShreds Founder
I am so thankful I’ve found a love for the outdoors and a ladies group that inspires me to get outside my comfort zone. Joining the group and going to my first SheShreds Jamboree Weekend Retreat was so amazing, I’m so grateful for all the ladies I’ve met through the group. Shred on sisters!
 - Stacy Pokrywka, Silver Ambassador

Join Us at the Jamboree! 

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 - Booking Instructions for Compass Rose Lodge

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I’m grateful for the places I’ve been and people I’ve met through snowboarding and winter sports just based on the women communities I’ve surrounded myself with. I 100% stand by ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’ and luckily I put out into the world what I want back and it’s made me so extremely grateful for the relationships with people and brands like you guys I have.

- Erika Norcross, Silver Ambassador


I’m so grateful for so many things in my life. First off, thankful for a dad who taught my how to ski at such a young age. Who continued to express the value in following my dreams. Which years later led me to sleeping in my car in Mt. Hood, where I discovered SheShreds and the work Gina was doing. I’m forever grateful that Gina had an idea to bring so many amazing women together. And that I’ve had the privilege of meeting a few of them over the years. And internally grateful for the large part ever girl in this community has played in the pursuit of my dreams!

- Melissa Benjamin




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