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Tech Tip Tuesday - Preventing Flat Tires

by Kelly Vance on August 03, 2016
Nobody likes changing tires on the go, and one solution to this is called Slime. Whether you've seen Slime in stores, or just heard of it, you've probably wondered if it's all hype or worth the effort.  Tech guru and ambassador Kira Martinez gives us the lowdown. 
Slime is a green sealant sealant that can be put in the tube of your bike to prevent flats.  When you have slime in your tube and get a small (about thumbtack sized) puncture the slime on the inside of the tube will seal the puncture. It's a coated fiberglass material, and when it dries up, it becomes hard and creates a seal over the hole, keeping the air in your tube. 
However, slime does have some downsides - it can be very messy and may not be worth the hassle since it only works if the puncture is really small. I recommend it for family with lots of bikes, and to people who tend to only cruse on concrete or light gravel trails. For more serious bikers, especially downhill or road biker, slime is typically not recommended because it doesn't always address the types of puncture that these bikers get. 
You can go to your local bike shop and get slime pumped into your tube, I recommend letting a bike tech do it, because it can get messy. If you're a hands on girl and don't mind the mess you can purchase a little tube of slime at a bike shop or any place that sells bikes. 
This is just a little bit of a slime mess left in a wheel, this is usually the amount of slime left over if properly pumped in.  If more than the proper about of slime is pumped into the tube it will be super messy. 
Your stem on the tube where you inflate your tube can become stuck If any slime is left in your stem, it will harden and makes inflating your tube very hard, so be careful to clear any slime out!
Here is where you can buy some slime if you wanna try it at home.  You can also buy Slime tire tubes, which already have slime inside. 
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