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Tech Tip Tuesday - How to Replace Skateboard Bearings

by Kelly Vance on July 06, 2016
Our Tech Guru, ambassador Kira Martinez is back with another Tech Tip Tuesday.  This one is for all of you skateboarders out there who want to do more of the maintenance on your own gear.  Learn how to remove your skateboard wheel bearings for maintenance or replacement. 

At some point, every skater needs to replace her bearings.  Whether it's because your wheels aren't rolling like they used to, or you just want  new brand of bearings.

Removing and re-pushing your bearings is fairly simple. This tech tip will save you a trip to your local skate shop.  You just have to use a little bit of muscle, the tool I will be using has a bearing remover but I find this method a little bit easier. 

Remove the axle nut then take off your wheel.  Make sure you do not lose your nut or the two washers. 

Next, insert the wheel halfway onto the axle and start pulling the wheel out with your fingers and pushing it in with the palm of your hand.  Work your way around pulling the wheel and you'll see the bearing starting to slide out. Repeat this step on the other side to remove the other bearing. 
 Now it's time for the new bearings, most have a colored shield that will go on the outside of the wheel that can be removed to lubricate the bearings.  In this case the shield for the Bones Reds bearings are colored red. 

Place one bearing on the wheel, with the removable colored shield facing up/facing outside. 

In the shop we use this Independent skate tool, it's the best.  Use the bearing tool to push the bearing into the wheel (you might not be able to push it all the way in) repeat this step for the other bearing on the other side of the wheel. 

I have no muscles so I wasn't able to push the bearing all the way into the wheel. This is an example of the bearing after I used the tool, it's in there snug but not pushed in all the way. 

Put the wheel back onto the axle and don't forget about the washers, one washer on each side of the wheel. The axle nut will have just enough threading to screw on, use your skate tool to tighten that axle nut and as you tighten the bearings will begin to push all the way in. You will hear them squeeze into the wheel and you will feel when they are in all the way pushed in, don't keep tightening of you don't hear it squeezing in all the way. Remember to loosen the axle nut just a little bit so your wheel can spin. 

Now you're good to go skate you're new bearings! 
This is the tool that I used for this tech tip, it dose much more and is over all a great tool to have. 
Check it out here: 

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